If you follow us on Instagram, you may recognize Lindsey from nourish move love. We’re partnering with her this month to bring you weekly workouts – because summer is in full force and we could use a little challenge! Lindsey is the fitness-loving, green veggie obsessed blogger behind nourish move love . She’s a group fitness and barre instructor in Minneapolis and we’re so honored she’s sharing some workouts with us! Take it away, Lindsey!

Thanks PN team and hello everyone! I’m so excited to be able to share my love of fitness with you all. It really does go hand in hand with nutrition – they’re a dynamic duo. Let’s get moving! This 15 minute total body strength + HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout consists of 4 exercises. Each exercises has a specific number of repetitions and the reps decrease as you work your way down the pyramid.

Complete the number of reps listed per exercise then repeat entire circuit as many rounds as possible {AMRAP} in 15 minutes. No equipment is required so you can do this circuit anywhere, anytime. See video below for complete workout and proper exercise form.

15 minute HIIT pyramid workout:

  • 20 reverse lunge + front kick {20 reps per leg}
  • 15 walk out plank + push up
  • 10 split jumps
  • 5 rolling low planks

Reverse lunge + front kick — 20 reps per leg

Walk out plank + push up — 15 reps

Split jumps — 10 reps

Rolling low planks — 5 reps

Let us know if you try it! Our team has been doing a group challenge of pushing ourself to do more HIIT style workouts, and we’re all seeing some great results. Give these a shot! Toned summer bods, we’re coming for you. If you want more of Lindsey, lucky for you she’s got an online training program, workout videos, and eBooks available
on her site! Use “prescribenutrition” for 20% off your entire order from her shop page {offer expires 12/31/16}.