Here we are, another new year…can you believe it?  I can’t. 2013. I remember thinking that by 2013 we’d be eating just like the Jetsons. We’d simply tell Rosie what we want and she’d go tell the wall machine thing and poof! out would come our scrambled eggs with toast (crust cut off). As it turns out it doesn’t look quite like the Jetsons…at least not yet. 

What does the New Year really mean? Why do we commit to make resolutions every year? I think it’s simply a time we collectively allow ourselves to pause and look back at where we’re at and where we’ve come from. What’s working? What’s isn’t? In my opinion, the New Year is a time to be perfectly honest with yourself. It’s a time to make a commitment to yourself, and to find a way to make each passing year a more content one. So whatever your resolution is thing year, give yourself a pat on the back for taking a moment to look out for yourself. You deserve it. Cheers to 2013! 

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