We are just one month shy of the holiday season. Which basically means on November 27th you will be wondering how it’s possible that you didn’t just read this last week. Everybody wants to look and feel good heading into the six weeks of “what’s one more cookie when I’ve already had 7,” and we have LOTS in store to make sure you do. BUT, today we want to talk about how watching what you drink over the next few weeks can make a BIG difference. Like, really big.

Here’s the deal – we are not calorie counters. We believe that if you are feeding your body nourishing whole foods, there isn’t a need to be. Your body will talk to you and tell you when its full, and you will learn to listen. However, the empty calories found in alcohol are worth counting because they are devoid of any nourishment AND they mess with your fat burning and fat storing hormones. Sorry guys, the news isn’t going to get any better.


While most alcoholic beverages aren’t overwhelmingly high in sugar (well compared to a pint of ice cream they’re not), the carbohydrates will be converted into, wait for it…glucose. Well, you might be thinking, pass me the Grey Goose while I mull this over. Ah, ah, ah…all alcohol causes inflammation. So you know where this is going, because you know how we feel about inflammation.

Truth time. Are we saying that the occasional glass of red wine isn’t all its touted to be? No. Do we really mean no more vodka sodas on a night out? Nope. But keep it occasional!

Do you want to know what a month without an alcoholic beverage feels like? Like a fresh start, folks. We are challenging you to challenge yourself. Join us as we kick the drinks to the curb and say no to alcohol until Thanksgiving. We are taking NOvember seriously. Now who’s with us?!

Bonus – because we’d never leave you hanging! Here are some great alternatives:

If you unwind with a drink at the end of the night: decaffinated tea, or warm lemon water – we promise, THIS will actually help you sleep.

If you have a beer while watching football: Kombucha. It’s cold, fizzy, there are plenty of flavors, and it is no less scary than watching gigantic men in pads try to hurt each other.

If you have a couple nights out at the bar already planned: try a club soda with a lemon, lime or orange wedge.

If you love a mimosas or bloody mary with brunch: Check out these numbers.  Ummm. YES, please.

If a hot toddy warms your chilled bones: Well, this will keep you warm AND happy.

This and many, many, MANY more great (and fun) tips in store during our Holiday Disaster Prevention Program.  The November edition starts NEXT Monday! Join us for one or both.  More juicy details here.