Oh boy, are we in love. You know when you cross paths with someone and it just clicks? You talk and feel like you’ve known each other for years? It’s just easy. That’s how we felt when we met Meghan Splawn of Stir & Scribble through our Prescribe 20 program. We began to notice all these Stir and Scribble Instagram tags, and we really picked up on her fun energy and spirit sent straight from the southeast corner of the country. Today we are pumped share her with you. Meghan Splawn is a culinary copywriter, recipe developer & food stylist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Mama to two kiddos under five, she appreciates a perfectly fried egg and loves good night’s sleep. You can find more of her recipes & stories at Stir and Scribble, or follow her on Instagram @stirandscribble.”


“So, umm how’s your diet thing going?” “I saw you’re eating all healthy on Instagram. What’s that about?” “You’re not gluten- free now, are you?!” (insert eye roll). These are the questions my dear friends ask me in the days post Prescribe 20. The truth is, I signed up for my first Prescribe Nutrition program because of something as simple as a headache.

Some time after the birth of my son in November of last year, I started having daily headaches. Yes, you might guess that a newborn and a toddler were the root cause of those headaches! But after weeks of daily pain relievers, a trip to the eye doctor, and a goal to drink a gallon of water a day for a whole month, I still had a headache. In desperation, I gave up coffee. That same day I got an e-mail from Modern Parents Messy Kids about Prescribe Nutrition. After stalking the Prescribe Nutrition website for a few days and listening in on Megan & Katie’s webinar, I decided to take the Prescribe plunge.


Here’s the thing: I hate diets. My mom was a chronic dieter during my tween and teen years. The trauma of your entire house smelling like “The Cabbage Soup diet” when you’re twelve cannot be erased. I struggled with my own body image and disordered eating for most of my teens. I ate a lot of candy and I liked it – it was like the anti-diet.

Between culinary school and becoming a mother, I got comfortable with my body issues (of course that doesn’t mean they went away), but I gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted – within reason. I fell in love with food, cooking, and feeding my family. Having my daughter, now three years old, made me even more passionate about cooking real food at home. I packed her a nutritious lunch everyday. She had treats within reason. I felt like I had the whole healthy eating thing down pat! To be honest, I became so focused on feeding my babies well that I kind of neglected myself. Okay, so I really neglected myself. I found myself relying on my sweet tooth to survive the first few months of having two kids. I also fell into a really sad emotional eating cycle; I “rewarded” myself for getting both kids to nap at the same time or for surviving bedtime without my husband with cookies…lots of cookies. We literally couldn’t keep them in the house.

 I was actually incredibly nervous to start a Prescribe Nutrition program. I was worried that trying to juggle two kids, work, life AND a ‘diet’ would be too hard. I was afraid to fail. I was also a little worried about becoming one of those smug-perfectly-clean-eating-bitches-who-makes-you-feel-bad-about-that-biscuit-you-just-ate. But at the same time, the headaches and the binge cookie eating were not getting better. It was time for a big change. Prescribe 20 was a big change, but it wasn’t a diet. I learned something new daily. I got back into meal planning and prepping for the week. I didn’t starve – in fact I was rarely hungry. I started exercising again. After struggling with insomnia for years, I was falling asleep easily and sleeping at least as long as the baby did! Ten days into the program I woke up headache free and I haven’t had one since. My sugar cravings subsided. I was actually kind and patient with my husband, even when one of the kids was waking us up at night. I didn’t do any of these things alone. A whole team of wonderful women guided the whole group of us through weeks of questions, and struggles, and successes.


The one thing I keep telling people about my experience is this – it is not a diet, it is just the way I eat now. There is still a place for cookies and wine in my life, and I don’t feel guilty for enjoying either occasionally. And no, I’m not gluten intolerant – but I do know now that I’m going to pay for that ice cream cone with a tummy ache.

My first Prescribe Nutrition program made me feel empowered and inspired. Prescribe 20 gave me the tools to better serve my health and the health of my family through daily and weekly habits. It broke me out of a cooking and meal planning rut. Most importantly, it showed me that taking care of myself actually made me a better parent, wife, and recipe developer. I’m already incredibly excited to learn more during Prescribe Balance. I’m ready to take the next step and learn more about what’s going on inside, and how to be better balanced in aspects of my health. I hope you’ll join me too! Oh, and use the code ‘stirandscribble’ at checkout for a little extra love [aka a nice discount 😉 ].