We’ve talked before about the power and importance of meditation. So, today we want to feature a type of meditation that is probably right up your alley. Enter, yoga nidra. Imagine yourself laying down and getting as comfortable and cozy as possible. Grab a blanket, maybe a pillow and let’s toss in a lavender eye pillow – just so you feel a little spoiled. Now relax, and let a soothing voice take you on a guided meditative journey.

This journey to complete relaxation holistically supports our subconscious, physiological and neurological needs. You will learn {and practice, practice, practice} how to reach a state of relaxation so deep, that for some it can turn euphoric. 

This may sound too good to be true, but as they say, don’t knock it till you try it. Give it a shot – your body will thank you. We want to share our favorite recording by Shar of 5809 Yoga in Minneapolis {we practice “yoga nidra 2”} that is played at Yellow Barn Wellness on Thursday evenings. If you want to start at home, try practicing before bed. It’s a great way to prepare your body for sleep – no screen lights or stimulation from the television.

We want to leave you with our favorite quote from the end of this practice:

Abide in the quiet each day. As the sun pours new life into the sky, and the birds sing their prayers, abide in your own silence. Each day opens like a cathedral door, and you are blessed. Poised at the edge of the holiest of moments, sacred presence consecrates your every breath. Abide in light as if you slip inside stained glass, inviting all of life to join you in the quiet. And remember, fill your time with things that make you feel alive. May the light of the divine healer illuminate your heart, your mind, and your consciousness and may you always know that you are well.

Be well, 
PN Team