We couldn’t be more excited to Welcome Laura and the ladies at The Apiary Salon to Prescribe Nutrition today! As you (hopefully) know we are all about community – we want you to know who we know and we want to know who YOU know.  With our further ado – The Apiary Salon and their crazy cool world of healthy, “make you glow” products and services.  

AND…. Laura was the official hair stylist for our last PN video shoot (to come out early Fall) – BIG love there!

Get ready to be taken away to The Apiary land …

A hand-crafted blanket woven by a local woolen mill lays out on the sweet summer grass and we invite you to perch in the warm sun with us. You’re part of the family, a friend, partner, or the neighbor from across the street. Beautiful plump local organic vegetables and fruit are placed delicately about waiting to be enjoyed and remembered. Produce that has been picked from a farmer you trust, purchased with good moral in mind, and one whom you may have even had the pleasure of shaking hands with. Look around you, you are in the presence of a glowing community that you love, catered by food ready to nourish your well- being. At The Apiary Salon we are providing a home; a community that looks just the same. Using Intelligent Nutrients’ USDA food-grade organic hair products, we care about your well-being, and hold true to high moral that bring out the best in your hair & body, and those that surround you. We are shaking hands with our local community by supporting MN’s own Intelligent Nutrients certified organic health and beauty, Mpls’ Beez Kneez bicycle delivered raw honey, St. Paul’s Mademoiselle Miel rooftop-bred honey bon-bons, and you – the glue, the honey that holds our beehive together. As the humid sun radiates and the lake dips are often so do our frizzy locks frequent the tossled-up-knot-hiding-the-ends- that-have-split ‘look’. The sun is beating, you are in the warm embrace of others; keep your hair glowing. Our trick: 2T Intelligent Nutrients’ Intellimune Oil combined with 1T Beez Kneez Honey. Comb through damp hair. Grab a book, gather a bouquet of flowers from the garden, or bask in the sun via pool-side for 5-10 minutes and then rinse for some summertime oo-la-la’s!

With your hair shining from it’s organic natural remedy think about why your hair feels the way it does. When we use products that are completely toxic free and organic our hair isn’t the only thing reeping the benefits. Choosing to be aware of what you put in and on your body is important but can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to be aware of- parabens and sulfates. Studies have shown that parabens mimic the female hormone, estrogen. They have been scientifically linked to the development of several forms of breast cancer. Other studies have shown that certain parabens adversely affect the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system. Why would a manufacturer use such a potentially dangerous ingredient? Parabens are extremely inexpensive and they extend the shelf life of any given product for as long as 2 years, if not longer. 

With Intelligent Nutrients products what is on the back of the bottle is what is in the bottle. If you can’t ingest a product you shouldn’t be putting it on your body. Simple as that. Intelligent Nutrients is also aware of where the ingredients in their products are sourced and only get those ingredients from sustainable and ethical farms. They try to be as local as possible, with most ingredients coming from within the united states. Not only can you feel good about what you are putting on and in you but also where it came from. The Apiary salon works hard to make sure that your haircare experience is safe and toxic free so that when you leave you have the tools to continue to nuture your body and the environment. Stop in today and see for your self! 


Laura & Bethany