It’s not widely disputed that 2016 is by many being considered the worst year….ever.  Yeah, 2016 was a doozy, on so many levels, and frankly that video….it speaks to us. And the truth is our team has been dwelling on the negative things for some time. SO today we’re going to pause our bitc*ing and take a step back to look at the positive notes of 2016, and to give a welcoming bear hug to 2017 and to better health – both mind and body.

On a personal note, 2016 kicked my ass in all sorts of ways. For those of you who know the Prescribe Nutrition ladies on a personal basis, you know that we work really hard to make our company better each day. As it turns out, running a company with dignity, while making a living, isn’t all that easy. When you throw your hat in the ring and give something everything you have, you will inevitably get knocked down. And in 2016 we got knocked down – a decent amount of times. The upside of getting knocked down is that you get to know yourself better, especially when you’re picking up the pieces. Our team – we lift each other up when we get knocked down. I am extraordinarily grateful for that.

I took a little stroll down our 2016 Instagram memory lane and a huge smile came across my face – a reminder to myself anything is possible if you throw yourself into it. Or if you see a decent enough quote on Instragram, right?

I listened to a podcast with the Spanx founder Sara Blakely (who also happens to be the youngest female billionaire…get it girl), and her story is inspiring, to the say the least. Biggest takeaway? Courage is a muscle and you have to flex it. It’s work, and it’s hard, but it’s in you.

It reminded me to focus on the good and get energized for what’s next. So much changed in 2016 for us. We completely re-did our technology – allowing people to sign up for Prescribe 20 any day they’re ready to, and created our long awaited subscription model, Prescribe Connection. You want access to the recipes and discussion boards (and more) indefinitely? You got it. The other thing I loved about 2016 is how much our team embraced the “other” side of health – the way we think about wellness and the way we think about ourselves. Putting the focus on this matters. It matters a lot.

Ok enough about us. let’ stalk about the nightmare that was the election. I don’t care if you voted Trump, Hillary or Harambe. This entire election year was like someone was pouring lemon juice in an open wound…it was like a train crash in slow motion. SO – upsides? Well, for one, the election is over. But more importantly – I woke up. I’ve been asleep at the wheel in terms of what it really means to be active in your beliefs. That will never happen again, and I can see my entire generation, those before and after me – mobilizing. I will never be this apathetic again, and I’m grateful for that. Women all over the world are speaking their minds more than ever before, and I’m excited. I’m also channeling Thelma and Louise on a daily basis, which makes me feel like a badass.

Myself and the PN team have continued to have incredible people walk into our lives. Creative, brilliant, supportive and empowering people. They have reminded us that we can and must think outside the box. We are all capable to do and be anything we want. We’ve got this one life – let’s live it the way we truly want to. No more excuses – it’s time to take care of ourselves, because when we take care of ourselves, we can best take care of those that we love. Surround yourself with love and you’ll give more love. Feed yourself well and you can fuel yourself to do ANYTHING you want to do. If you aren’t happy in your current situation, change it – and don’t be scared to ask for help along the way.

And to wrap up a less than stellar year, well, let’s just say I’m in need  of a nutrition clean up. An everything clean up. I have never felt more ready to take part in a good ol’ Prescribe Nutrition gentle detox. It works, we know it works, we get the feedback time and again. So I’m pumped and ready to be a nutrition badass by taking part in Prescribe 20. 2017 is NOT the year to be apathetic, especially when it comes to our health. My Prescribe 20 start day is January 3rd. What’s yours?

And to top it off, turmeric. Finally in 2016 this wonder spice got all the love it deserves. So let’s cheers 2017 with a touch of turmeric, a dash of whiskey and a whole lotta love.


Prescribe Nutrition Team

Turmeric Old Fashioned

Makes 1 cocktail

  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric
  • Juice & rind 1 clementine/tangerine
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 4 dashes orange bitters
  • 2 ounces whiskey or bourbon (the good stuff, it’s New Year’s people)
  • 1 large or 2 small ice cubes
  1. Mix all ingredients except for the rind and ice cubes together in a glass tumbler.
  2. Add ice and garnish with clementine/tangerine rind. Stir. Give to someone else.
  3. Make your own.
  4. Enjoy!

Adapted from Sans[ceuticals]