Good morning Monday.  How we doing?  The weekend all you hoped for? Still wish you were “in” it. Wouldn’t it be great if those dang weekends could just last forever?  We know they can’t but we also know that the more we love what we do, do what we love, the more balanced and whole we feel.

Over at Prescribe Nutrition, we storming up ideas for fun things to do in an effort to have more fun.
Even on our worst days if we have something to move, inspire and make us smile – we likely feel more whole.
Want to jump on our May challenge and pick a new project to commit to?  
Something you have to do a little research on?
Something after a hard days work {or week} you get excited to do.  
AND tastes good?

What’s your May project going to be?  Remember – think ‘whole’ – how will it work towards you feeling the wholeness of life.
Can’t wait to see your ideas.