Well hello!

It’s Katie and it’s been a while since I’ve stopped in to write, just to write.  On Mondays we like to give a little “what’s up” with us post – which as you can imagine can cover a whole host of topics and areas.  With that said, today’s is easy.  I’m a few days back from visiting Megan in San Francisco and boy did we tell those five days who’s boss.  To back up for those of you that don’t know – here’s how Prescribe Nutrition looks:

Megan = San Francisco

The mighty Golden Gate

Katie & Anna = St. Paul, MN {this picture is being nice – I should have attached a full on snow storm picture as that’s what we saw up until 3 weeks ago.

Mississippi River via downtown St. Paul

It’s wild.  I realize that the majority of the work force works with partners from all over the nation… or the globe, but our partnership has been built with some pretty interesting back drops which have included two private practices, other roles/jobs, moonlighting (that’s Anna) and a few other eggs in our baskets.

Megan and I work via email {a lot}, then coupled with an exorbitant amount of 30 minute phone conversations.  In the short 8 months we’ve been together we’ve run five {5} programs, joined forces with some of the coolest bloggers in the country/world, and even more importantly we’ve created our own sub team of ridiculously cool video, graphics, technical, chefs and fitness professionals that have made us who we are.  The best part of all that = we LOVE them {in the most NON- cheesy sense ever.}

{Just going out for some Mexican}

So back to this trip.  We had a list, oh did we ever.  Each day a fully stacked agenda of all the focus points, meetings, deliverables and so on for the day.  We also managed to squeeze {sarcastic face} in a photo and video shoot for our upcoming program; Kids Rule: Nutrition that Matters.  The whole trip was fantastic and I have to say that I love that Megan MORE every time we are together.  We really are a match {thank god.} We work alike, think alike, have largely the same sense of humor but aren’t afraid for one second to challenge one another, push back and call a red flag when necessary.  All this happens without either of us feeling trumped, defensive or undermined.  Remember, we are women and many times women don’t play nice.

{…we decided that if we didn’t get out and move, we might just implode}

Oh and we also managed {completely unplanned} to change our logo colors and font as we are doing a big website upgrade [[GET EXCITED]] and we need to man up the look!

Did I see the Golden Gate? Yes.  Did I see Fisherman’s wharf? Yep, sure did, and I loved every dang second… in the last 24 hrs I was there.  I can’t wait to go back for Megan & San Fran.  Until then, she’ll be jamming in the midwest in less than a month.
Thank you so much for making PN what it is.  We love our readers, participants and supporters.  Health and feeling good is a big deal and we love that it’s our job.
MN to SF love,