She’s back!  And boy did we miss her. Well, we missed her in Anna asks (she’s around here all day, EVERY day in fact.)  If you remember back to early this year we asked our own Anna Decker to ask us (Katie & Megan) some hard hitting nutrition and health related questions.  Questions that we think you’d like to know more about.  So here we are, back with a round of Anna Asks: juniors addition.

Let’s do this.

Yep, yes, you betcha.  That fat, fiber protein magic meal/snack equation that we talk about in all our consultations, programs and recipes is the key to internal harmony.  It’s “the band.”  The band that plays so well together.  To back up a moment for those that don’t know about our master blood sugar regulator, here’s a little more to bring you up to speed.  Eating, snacking, munching, whatever name it goes by in your household is usually (hopefully) in an effort to fill up your tanks, to fuel you – right?  So what happens when you put the wrong kind of fuel in your car? Well that same principle applies to when we put the wrong kind of fuel in our bodies.  Our output suffers and sometimes we can burn out.  You can relate: you haven’t eaten in hours, your blood sugar is dangerously low and unless something – anything – gets put into your mouth ASAP, you might just hit the deck.  You spy a candy jar at work or swing open the “treats” cupboard at home and WHAM, it’s like you’ve been brought back to life.  Or have you?  Wait 20, 30, 90 minutes and the “life” no longer feels so hot and you want crawl up under your desk and fall fast asleep.  Why?  Well you didn’t quite get the kind of fuel your body needed for the long haul.  You received a quick fix that actually left you feeling worse then you did prior to almost hitting the deck.  Now you ask, “how can I get off this little sneaky roller coaster?”  You guessed it – bring in the band. 
A band is together because the play well together.  Same goes for our food rule.  These foods in combination have the unique ability to work as a team – giving us substance & fuel that is meant to last!  So then this rule absolutely applies to the kiddos, in fact, it’s more important for them because when they crash – they CRAAAAAASH.  From tears, tantrums, and irritability to all out listlessness.   When that happens they’ve likely bought a ticket on a roller coaster that you wish they never knew about.  So make it simple on you and your family and just bring this band with you whenever you go.  Everything from super simple (like almonds and apples abpve) to other more fun & involved meals and snacks.  

“Alright kids, do we have our band?” It’s a great learning tool as they go along – to understand which foods have healthy fats, powerful proteins and yummy fibers.

So how to do I get fat, fiber, protein in all my meals and snacks then? Well, it’s easier then you think.  Here are some tips:

{many of which have protein}
– nuts & nut butters
– coconut oil/olive oil
– avocados
– fatty fish
– coconut milk
– flax/chia seeds
– lean animal proteins (turkey/chicken)

– fruits
– veggies
– nuts/seeds
– beans/legumes

PROTEIN {many listed above}
– beans/legumes
– quinoa
– fish {tuna/salmon}
– lean grass fed animal protein
– nuts/seeds

** this list isn’t exclusive – just mean to drum up some ideas!

So there you have it.  Keep it simple or get creative, but every time you reach for a snack or plan a meal, see if you have invited the band.  They’ll play some darn good music for you.  Happy blood sugar = happy KIDDOS {and you}!!

Here’s to avoid that not so fun roller coaster,