So… Anna wants to know – how the heck do we navigate the supplement world?  We know we can’t get it all from food {we wish} so how do we know what’s best, what to take and when.
Whew.  Can you say “can of worms….”  but alright, we promised we’d dig in so here goes.  In our world, supplements are a bit like prescriptions – hence “prescribe nutrition.”  What I mean is that one size does NOT fit all.  Sorry food pyramid {I know it’s a plate now}, but we know each person has such individual needs that requires their diet and supplements to fit them.  Really low on energy (among other things)? I go straight to the B’s… Having some gut/digestive issues? We know you likely need some good bacteria and digestive enzymes… Feeling low, blue, and/or anxious? Might need a little love from Vitamin D or some friendly amino acids.  So there’s that.  Got it all figured out? Probably not, huh.  
If Megan and I had to brand a signature series it would probably look like this: a really good grade fish oil {EPA/DHA}, a jamming probiotic {we love Ultra Flora Balance or VSL3 if your system is in real need!}, vitamin D3 and maybe a whole foods based multi vitamin.  Maybe a multivitamin? Yep… the body has a really hard time absorbing all that is in a multi.  It’s not bad to take one but it isn’t the catch all.  You need to identify your individual needs based on how you feel and your diet and go from there.  This isn’t to say taking a multi is a wash… it’s just likely you need some back-up.  Got it now? Probably still some ?? That’s OK.  Our goal with clients is to help navigate this complex world of nutrition {and the supporting supplements} so you don’t have to.  I hope this note allows you the opportunity to ask yourself, “What do I need?”
Sending you some Vit D {we need it in MN!} love,