Like ready for the holidays? No, of course not, no one is. It’s mania from here on out right? Let’s just settle into that. What we’re wondering is: are you taking care of yourself and that lovely body of yours as we enter this joyous, merry, and completely unstable time of year? In the words of Ellen Griswold, “I don’t know what to say except it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery.” As the holidays fall upon us it’s all too easy to find one million reasons to put yourself last. Read on if during these festive months your google history starts to look something like the following:

  • How do I lose 8 lbs in 72 hours
  • Is stuffing low carb
  • How quickly can you sweat out alcohol
  • If I eat an entire pumpkin pie how many miles do I need to run

This is insanity. Why do we this to ourselves? There are better ways to go about this, and news flash: December has a million reasons to demand we feel our best. It’s not that hard either, it just takes a few rules to live by during these very tempting months and you can do it. Today we’re giving you our top motivators to put yourself first during this chaotic and chocolate covered time of year. Healthy holiday: here we come.

Your holiday party. Listen, call me shallow, I don’t care. You want to look GOOD at your holiday party. Little black dress good. Because work is hard and life can be tough and these people see you rolling into the office on your ‘off days,’ aka Tuesdays. And sometimes Wednesdays. Don’t let Thanksgiving get the best of you! It’s all too easy to go full throttle mental with the sides and desserts. The thing about completely throwing all balance out the window is it has a tendency to throw us off for full weeks (or months) at a time. So put your holiday party on the calendar. Take note. Make it a goal that you’re going to take care of yourself really, really well and roll into that party showing people that shining self that you are.

Hi I’m the flu, have we met? Well if you don’t support your immune system the odds are we might meet in the good ol’ month of December. Top things that can wreak havoc on your immunity? Stress, travel, excessive sugar and alcohol, mineral and vitamin deficiency and lack of sleep. Some of these things we can’t avoid. Most we can work with. Our TOP TIP: be aware of the sugar and alcohol that is floating all around you during this time of year. Think twice before you grab a handful of whatever treats await you at the office. It’s easier to avoid all together than start and stop. Recognize that every time you eat refined sugar your immune system gets depressed for 6 hours. That’s like a welcome invitation to sickness. Listen, we don’t expect people to be able to avoid alcohol 100% during December (but if you can, damn you’ll feel good). That’s why in this run of Prescribe 20 we’re going to be realistic about it and talk about the best ways TO enjoy some cocktails and still stay on point. We’re kicking off the Sunday after Thanksgiving – in it together.

You see everyone during the holidays. Everyone. Like exes. And your French aunt who grabs your belly and says “Too much cake mon cherie, oui?!” Look, in the end it’s not about your weight or your clothes or your skin or anything. It’s about how you FEEL. Don’t shrink away from parties or others, be proud and be wonderful. People gravitate towards others who are confident and comfortable in their own skin. Be that person! This life is a journey and we should all be aiming to be happy and healthy, plain and simple. Taking care of yourself is inspiring to both yourself and others.

The clean up is hard. Make it easier. We know the majority of us are going to indulge during the holidays. And you know what, good. We’ll have our favorites too. Life is short, you do you. But it doesn’t need to be all or nothing. It doesn’t mean, “Ok well, shit, I really went for it on Thanksgiving so I’ll just wait ’till the New Year to really clean up my act.” Why do that? That’s like hosting a rager and not cleaning the next day…or week. Make it easier on yourself. Clean up as you go. Had a holiday party? Get a 5 mile walk in, drink your lemon water and cut out all the crap. Insist on yourself you DO NOT eat sweets every day. Stop eating your kids advent calendar chocolate (honestly though I would do it if I had kids).

We’re ALL about the gentle detox…speaking of detoxing…


Avoiding a New Years resolution. Translation: Do the work now so you don’t need to worry about it come January 1. Imagine if you’ve been staying on track throughout November and December, simply indulging on a few occasions, but ‘cleaning’ up as you went. You could avoid a truly unbearable juice cleanse and a gym membership with a shocking price tag. Hey you can even ignore us.

It’s the holidays and we know that this time of year the focus is not usually on hard core detoxing. Which is good, because we never do that. What we do is create 20 day commitments to serve you. If you want to roll into all of your December engagements feeling like a million bucks, then join us for Prescribe 20 kicking off the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Then you can tell us to buzz off in January. xoxo