Green smoothies.  You either love them or you are really sick of people trying to make you drink them. Guess which camp I’m in?  You guessed right.  I am INTO them.  And in the words of Tom Petty, I won’t back down.

green smoothie vid postGreen smoothies are all the rage these days, and with good reason.  They can be  a snack or an entire meal that is made with nothing but whole foods, packing a nutrition wallop many meals can’t stand up to.  Just a handful reasons why we love green smoothies:

  • Take your favorite smoothie (banana & strawberry for example), add spinach, and I promise you will barely, if at all, taste those greens.
  • Consider this a a meal you may not get dark leafy greens at otherwise.  Do you normally have 2 cups of spinach at breakfast?  Didn’t think so.  Look at you having veggies at every meal!  You  little health nut.
  • Get your iron on –  many people are deficient in this crucial mineral these days.  Cram it in with some spinach.  You know what you need in order to actually absorb iron?  The presence of Vitamin C.  Guess what else you’re getting in smoothies?  That’s right, some good ol’ C.
  • Okay who cares about spinach, “I’m sick of spinach,” you say.  Get wild and try Swiss Chard, kale, bok choy, romaine…they all have different vitamins and minerals that make them special in their own way.  Just like you.
  • Fresh fruit, antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, lean proteins –  the stuff nutritionist’s dreams are made of, and you get them all just from a smoothie.

Has the sales pitch worked?  Good.  Check out Prescribe Nutrition’s walk through on the basics, special tricks and other tips to make you a sensei of green smoothies.

And here’s a classic recipe that you can turn into your own.  An oldie but a goodie.  Green smoothies for life.




We’re going to be talking  more green smoothies – everything from recipes to how they can help regulate hormones – in our upcoming Get Balanced kicking off next week.  If you feel like getting to the bottom of energy, weight and mood issues, you shouldn’t miss this one.  Materials go our Friday!