20questionsintroWe are having way too much fun reading all of your questions you’re submitting for us…whether in Instagram, Facebook, in Prescribe 20 or via email. Thank you for playing along with our fun game!

Next up: bread! “Bread and sandwiches in general are an easy go to for us here….I want to make a healthy choice on what type of bread I get for the fam. Any recommendations? Is there a preference on whole grain vs whole wheat? Thank you gals😁”

You asked, we answered…

We LOVE bread. Can we just put that out there? We know Oprah loves bread but guess what, she’s not the only one. There is a 99% chance someone on the PN team is enjoying a sandwich while you’re reading this. We love this question because bread truly is a staple in so many homes. So why not make the best choice possible?!bread2Are you sensitive to gluten? We had to ask. We know this is a hot topic – almost seems like a fad these days but the truth of the matter is, gluten sensitivities are very real and more common than you might think! A gluten sensitivity can look very different in different bodies. If you’re not sure whether you’re sensitive or not, we’d love to have you join us for our next live program where we eliminate common inflammatory foods (gluten included) for three weeks and then reintroduce to see if there is a reaction. Don’t worry, you’ll be supported with an amazing community rooting for you and a bomb-diggity recipe packet.

ANYWAY, if you’re sensitive to gluten, here are our fav breads:

  • Canyon Bakehouse 7-Grain Bread – whole grains and straight up delicious. You guys…you don’t even have to toast this gluten-free bread to make it edible! Hands down, this is Tanya’s pick any day of the week.
  • Katie loves the Whole Foods brand Prairie Bread. “It’s insanely delicious and so good regular or toasted.”
  • Bread SRSLY – Megan’s direct quote: “easily the best gluten-free bread I’ve ever had. It’s hard not to eat the whole loaf – but it’s only west coast and it’s $10 a loaf.”
  • Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grain Bread is another one of Megan’s favs.
  • Happy Camper’s Bread – Classy Grains but all of their breads are delish!
  • Anna loves Udi’s Gluten Free Millet Chia Bread “I love it. My husband and children think it tastes like cardboard, but I am okay with that because then its all for me. I eat it toasted with butter or toasted and topped with avocado and a poached egg.”

bread1Can you tolerate gluten just fine?

Awesome! We are definitely NOT anti-gluten. Not everyone is sensitive to it. So what are your best options in this category? Sprouted and whole grain – these are the easiest to digest and pack the most punch (of nutrients). Remember whole wheat does not = whole grain. Keep in mind all refined white and wheat flour generally will NOT be a smart option when trying to feel your best.

On to the list:

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