Happy Monday!  Well, the truth is it’s Sunday as I write this.  What’s happening in our world?  Well, I’m en route to St. Paul to see Mrs. Katie Jasper (and Anna, Matt, Deb, Max…oh just our entire support structure), and to build oh so many things for Prescribe Nutrition’s upcoming months. To say we are excited about our upcoming projects would be an understatement.  As you now know, June is for Juniors at Prescribe Nutrition. We love talking about the power of nutrition for the young ones, so we were happy to tackle this whopper of a topic for our upcoming program Kids Rule (more to come!).

On a personal note, one of the reasons I am particularly excited to be diving into this is because I have an insane amount of pregnant friends in my life.  I am not exaggerating.  I have 8 friends welcoming babies in 2013.  I’m getting lots of questions on everything from pre-natal health tips to the smartest foods for the little guys.  It’s nice for me to revisit a lot of material I learned in the past but didn’t specialize in; a true reminder just how amazing the human body is!

One of my beautiful and expecting friends.

One area I’m loving is exploring recipes for first real foods for babies.  Everybody’s timing introducing food is different, but one thing holds true: using mother nature’s finest is the smartest way to get growing babies the nutrients they so very much need.  Since our Kids Rule program is going to focus on foods that kids a bit older (well, with teeth at least) can enjoy, I thought I’d share this for all the folks out there with very new additions to their family.  Anna posted one of a favorite site yesterday, Weelicious, which has a whole section dedicated entirely to Baby’s First Foods.  She’s got everything from Banana Molasses Oatmeal to Sweet Potato Pudding.  So if you’re hitting some roadblocks trying to get new foods in, check this page out for some inspiring and delicious ideas.

Inspiring health nuts can never start too soon.

Sippy cup cheers,