It’s amazing how much can change in the world of baby products in just a couple years. I’ve enlisted the help of a REALLY knowledgeable friend as I delve back into newborn land (yes this is a place, and it is filled with exhausted, emotional basket case parents who are madly in love).Teeny Bee Boutique is a St. Paul baby boutique owned by Kristie Case, who you can find working in her store (with her baby!) 5 days a week. She does all the research so we don’t have to, and she brings in the best of the best baby gear  – not to mention tons of adorable baby clothes.

Baby_blogHer advice comes from her research, personal experience and customer reviews. This tops her list for keeping baby comfortable:

Let’s talk baby books. What works for one baby (and parents!) may not work for another, so have a couple great books on hand. Here are my favorites that came on high recommendation and I used a ton:

  • Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D.: Filled with tons of great advice and options for sleep training and is written by a pediatrician who is also a sleep researcher. This one was my favorite!
  • Baby Wise  by Gary Ezzo: Creates a daily schedule to help newborns begin sleeping through the night on their with the help of daytime routine.
  • Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D. If you plan on buying the Baby Shusher and the Woombie swaddler, half of your job will be done for you following the tactics of this book!

Baby_blog2Baby supplements. These were the supplements recommended to me by my pediatrician, but we recommend talking to your pediatrician before giving your baby any supplements.

  • Vitamin D drops
  • Probiotic drops, the temperature of storage and shipping is important so be sure that you look into this if you are ordering online.

Katie and Megan, any Prescribe Nutrition advice for a nursing mother?

K: You bet.  In the words of our great PN mentor and Pediatrician, Dr. Anne Kelly, you want to think of building ‘quality breast milk’.  From a nutrition perspective getting baby as much nutrient dense, gut and immune building foods is the key.   The foundation of baby’s health, immune systems and development happen during the first year.  Upping healthy gut bacteria, intake of ‘live’ foods (aka fruits and vegetables) will translate into wonderful nutrition via breast milk.  Smoothies (check out Megan’s play by play for a killer green smoothie) are an AWESOME way of getting baby a ton of wonderful nutrients on a daily basis.  We also love a great boost in stomach acid (helps with acid reflux prevention and absorption of nutrients) – a little ACV each day can do you and baby wonders!  It’s good to frame everything in the context of how powerful it will be for years to come.  In this we can’t emphasize enough how much limiting/avoiding trigger foods (like gluten, dairy and refined sugars) as well as totally ditching foods that have dyes and preservatives in them.  Those are guidelines that will not only benefit baby but you too!