This dinner may or may not have been eaten over crying, water spilling, whining, and fork stealing – but that didn’t stop it from being awesome. Butternut squash quesadillas, or to me, so-good-you-can’t-hear-your-overtired-children-going-bonkers-adillas.

We do what we can to eat well around here, but stuff kind of hit the fan in my first trimester. We had takeout or Whole Foods hot bar enough that they should now be paying us. There is just something about preparing food in that first trimester…its nearly as bad as hugging the toilet bowl, and usually led to it anyhow. Woof.

We have some food sensitivities at our house and eating around those sensitivities went out the window too. The result? Some colds, a little eczema, and definitely some behavioral changes – and I know the behavior came from the amounts of sugar that they are not accustom to eating. It felt a little (read a lot) like we were tailspinning out of control. 

Kids Rule could not be coming at a better time for our family. I am back in the kitchen, and yes sometimes my head is in the garbage can, but I touched raw chicken today and that hasn’t happen since August 🙂 Progress. Baby steps. And best of all – yummy recipes written for me! 

We have a great group of families on board this round, and it is not too late for you to join in if you have been thinking about it. The real bonus: you get this recipe 😉

PS – Incase you’re wondering, there dairy free sour cream exists and the real kicker…TWO ingredients.