Our resident blogger, Cassandra Mechura is back for part three.  And we are all about bee’s!  Of course.


Happy fall! I hope since we last chatted about bee pollen that you’ve been enjoying the season’s weather and flavors! Today will be my third and final bit on bees. The topic, beeswax and no I’m not going to tell you to eat it so don’t worry (although, there are actually some ailments that can benefit from some beeswax remedies. That however, you can take up with Google, if you are so curious).  Beeswax can be quite a practical item to have in the house; here are just a few common uses for it…

Polishing wood furniture or wood cutting boards

Make your own bar soap

Make your own candles

Fix squeaky doors or sticky drawers

Condition waterproof or leather boots

And… making homemade lip balm. Guess which one I am going to be sharing today?!? Hint: A few weeks ago I had first shared with you, how to give a super shot of moisture to your lips by using straight up raw honey. However, just like most things to do with the body, the key is really prevention, by using a daily lip balm that combines both raw honey and beeswax you can prevent ever getting those chapped lips in the first place. Another perfect DIY tip heading into the cold seasons…homemade lip balm!

bees part 3

Here’s what you do…

3 Tablespoons olive oil (jojoba or almond oil work great too)

1 Tablespoon beeswax (unbleached please, grated or pearls)

1 tsp raw honey

Gently warm the oil and beeswax over low heat (ie: double boiler). Stir a few times until beeswax had melted completely, then remove from heat and stir in honey. Before you pour the liquid into a container try some of the following additions…

• 6 drops essential oils (ie: peppermint, lavender or vanilla oil)

• 1 capsule vitamin E(pierced and squeezed out, adds extra nourishment)

• Add a little lip color/stick you have laying around (gives a nice tinting effect)

Use a suitable, lidded, container. Let the liquid sit until cooled and set, I tend to just put mine in the fridge for about 20 mins as I have been known to be impatient. Another tip is to save old lip balm containers and just refill them with your own balm, this is what I do as you can see in the pic. This stuff takes all but a few seconds; it’s cheap and seriously works to keep those lips luscious. There is only one bit of advice left to give and that is to find a good hiding place. As you can see my jar is nearly gone, and though he would never admit it, there’s a man in my house who secretly loves this stuff too!