We use a blender almost daily so we thought we’d do a little throw down to figure out the best blender models. All of these listed below are great options depending on your budget and blending needs. Have a blender you’re obsessed with? Let us know in the comments!

Vitamix = the queen of blenders. Bow down. It’s the priciest blender on this round-up but ask anyone that has a Vitamix and they’ll tell you it was worth the investment.

BlendTec is the only blender out there that can really compare to the Vitamix. With full disclosure though, no one on the Prescribe Nutrition team owns one. We’ve read amazing reviews from food bloggers, nutritionists, restaurants and the many people on Prescribe 20. People rave about it – but also it’s a considerable investment.

Ninja blenders are giving Vitamix blenders a run for their money…at a fraction of the cost. While no one on the PN team owns a Ninja, we’ve heard (and read) a lot of great things. The main thing that caught our eye is the double blade – there’s a blade at the bottom of the blender and half way up. Whaaat?! Game changer, right?


The Kitchen Aid blender is another amazing one. ‘Thermal control jar’ ring a bell? The feature everyone’s obsessed with – basically you can blend hot or cold ingredients and they will stay the same temp without affecting the temp of the outer jar. Maybe not a game changer but pretty cool!

The Magic Bullet might seem like the black sheep of this round up but it’s a mighty little bugger. For $40 it gets the job done…most of the time. If there is limited liquid in your mixture, the blender does have a hard time combining everything. We find it can sometimes have trouble with bigger/harder items like dates, garlic, nuts, etc. Having said that, it still works to make really great smoothies and sauces, so if you’re on a budget and don’t have a blender yet this guy is worth trying.