Prescribe Nutrition is consistently amazed by the people that come into our lives. We’re lucky to have a past program participant share her 2014 health transformation. Niki is telling us all about her experience leading up to her big day –  setting healthy goals and tuning into her body to achieve them. We’re so grateful to have her share her story!  Congrats to Niki and her new life ahead. 

My journey in better health started with chronic symptoms. My body was telling me something – my allergies were acting up, my skin was going haywire, I was getting constant sinus headaches… something was clearly out of whack. Plus, I was getting married in 8 months on a beach in Antigua and we were planning a whole week of activities with our nearest and dearest. I wanted to feel 100% on the big day and was ready to give it my all to see results.

I took the plunge and scheduled time to work privately with Megan of Prescribe Nutrition. The meeting was an eye opener. Megan took some principles from Prescribe Nutrition programs and applied them to my goals. The first thing we did was cut out all dairy for a month. She explained the link between sugar and skin problems, she asked me why not try to give up sugar too? Honestly, at that point in my life, giving up cheese sounded like the worst thing in the world, but I was willing to give it a shot if it meant results. I didn’t think cutting out sugar would be that bad, as I’ve never had a big sweet tooth, but what I found is – sugar is in everything! Once you take time to check those labels, it’s shocking to see how often sugar sneaks in!

After a month of no sugar and no dairy, Megan suggested I take the plunge with one of Prescribe Nutrition’s gentle detox programs. I know, normally you hear the word “detox” and go running for the hills, but this felt different. We slowly cut out all dairy, sugar, common trigger and processed foods. We focused on whole foods. We got an education on how and why we were doing all we were, which helped make these changes sustainable. Understanding ‘why’ was key to creating lifelong habits. We brought eating back to basics, got rid of the junk and focused on whole, clean ingredients. Finally, it seemed as everything just seemed to click.


Once I started focusing on clean eating, paying attention to where ingredients are sourced from, and the quality of the food I was putting in my body, I started to feel better – a lot better. My eczema vastly improved, my skin started to glow, and I still can’t remember the last time I got hit with a sinus headache. Plus, I ended up losing almost 30 pounds. Yep, 30 pounds. I was shocked. The amazing thing was that it never felt like a “diet.” Sure, it was tough at the beginning (and I certainly had some slip ups), but after only a couple of weeks it became the norm. I was amazed by how much energy I had. I loved not counting calories. I loved that fat was no longer the enemy. I loved that grocery shopping became a breeze when you start to avoid all the middle aisles!

On our wedding day I felt amazing. I was so proud of my progress and for sticking with it, and the results went so much further than skin deep. What we put in our bodies becomes a part of us – it’s so much more than how you look, it’s how you feel. Hands down it was the happiest day of my life, I got to marry my best friend, surrounded by my favorite people in the world. I didn’t want it to end, it was just magic.


Moving forward, I know now this is the way I want to eat for the rest of my life. This is not to say that I’m never touching sugar or dairy again, or that I’m giving up pizza and bread forever, let’s not get crazy now! I’m all about the 80/20 (60/40, 90/10…?!) rule, and flexibility is key!  That being said, we all need a reset from time to time. After spending 3 weeks in the Caribbean, my 80/20 is probably more like a 40/60 so I’ll be participating in the upcoming Prescribe 20 next month. Working with the Prescribe Nutrition team has completely transformed my outlook on health. I gained some peace of mind knowing that I was headed into my big day with the support of a community. If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, have major goals for an event on the horizon, or just want to clean things up a little, I hope you’ll join me as well. 

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