Beauty Tips from a Low Maintenance Beauty “Expert”
I feel pretty darn lucky to have my friend and low-maintenance beauty expert closing out the August month of “Get Glowing” at Prescribe Nutrition.  She’s breaking down the products that actually work and ones you can feel good about buying. She’s also one of the wittier gals I know.  And will you just look at that glow?  Forget it, I’m doing what she tells me to do.

Hello, I’m Alle.


Disclaimer. I work for Sephora and most of my advice will lean towards products that Sephora sells, but I will try to not be too biased. I’d like to note that I am low on the maintenance scale (i.e. I can barely get myself to blow dry my hair in the mornings), but since I started working for Sephora, I have definitely become more of a product junkie. Some of this stuff actually works. I get a ton of free “shwag”, as we call it in the biz, so a lot of this advice is born from experimental practice. You’re welcome in advance for testing products on my own face and body.

Speaking of face… I use and love Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash. I have seriously sensitive skin. For a long time I couldn’t use anything but Cetaphil on my face without breaking out in a rash that ran along my jawline. I love this frothy face wash because it smells nice (bergamot! lavender!) and cleans all sides of my combination skin without stripping my skin’s natural moisture (which I have discovered is the cause of my super awesome rash).

Eye Makeup Remover. Who would think that anyone would include an eye makeup remover on a beauty advice list? This stuff is really awesome. While it removes waterproof eye makeup, it also hydrates the tender skin around your eyes and strengthens your lashes 

Zits. I am thirty-something and from time to time, I still get a pimple or two. How excited am I to wake up in the morning or get home at the end of the day to discover a ghastly blemish developing on my grown-a**-business-woman face. Once I get over my dismay, I wash my face and put on GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing TreatmentThis mask sucks all the nastiness out of a blemish and “dries” it out while also making the rest of my skin take on a healthy glow. (This mask is pretty pricey, so if it’s out of your price range, I have found Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to be a superb, more reasonably priced back up).

Get yo’ hair did. I am bonafied obsessed with Living Proof Prime Style Extender. If this hair primer is good enough for Jennifer Aniston’s precious locks (she’s a co-owner of the company), it’s good enough for mine. Seriously, as I mentioned above, I am pretty bad about doing my hair in the mornings, and I have found this primer to be really helpful. It’s lightweight and works as a de-frizz-afier on my San Francisco, wind-ridden tresses. 

Get yo’ nails did. I don’t know if you were aware of this, Dear Reader, but nails are hot hot hot right now. Go on Pinterest, search “nails” and check out the amazing (and sometimes insane) DIY nail designs created recently. My beauty tip for your tips is to skip the crazy expensive cuticle oils and get yourself some nice massage oil. Whole Foods sells some great almond massage oil. It’s cheaper than the cuticle oils and comes in much larger quantity. Rub about a dime size of oil on your fingernails and toenails at night before bed, and you will wake up with happy, moisturized nails (and soft cuticles) ready to be painted with all kinds of crazy designs and textures…did someone say chevron glitter animal print? 
Hope you enjoyed my favorite Get Glowin’ tips and tricks.