It always comes as a bit of a surprise that, without fail, we hear the two biggest reasons people decide they are unable to commit to a gentle detox like Prescribe 20 is….liquids. One would think that it may be something like bread, chocolate, Friday night pizza, you know, food that keeps us satiated and that we often crave or lean on on tough days. But the reality is it comes down to two liquids that most of us (including yours truly) are very much emotionally and physically attached to. Coffee and alcohol. Hot damn people love these two bevvies.

I’ll be the first to admit that my morning cup of coffee is actually something that I start looking forward to around 5pm the day before. It’s my me time. It’s my sit on the couch and think about the day and maybe pull a tarot card and hey, maybe even journal a bit (or sleep 35 mins late and make coffee and mutter obscenities about being late). It’s warm and creamy (oat milk addict over here) and it wakes me up. And I’m in the camp that believes a cup o’ jo isn’t necessarily a health saboteur. In fact it can have many benefits. In a nutshell, the ladies at PN are fans of coffee, for those who can tolerate it.

And booze? Sure, I’ll take a crisp white please. I’d like to say only on Fridays but sometimes on Wednesdays too. And if I’m abroad maybe on Tuesdays at 11am, but those are just details. But we’re not going to sit here and pretend that alcohol “can be your healthy friend!” It’s not. It’s tough on your liver, it’s no friend to aging, it’s empty calories and so on and so forth. But it’s also a part of many people’s lives, and we don’t sit in judgment of that – what we want is to learn how to keep it balanced and give your body the tools it needs to healthfully detox.

So if these things are keeping you from committing to a giving your body a healthy break, we ask you consider the following:

  • What would it look like to know that you were solely hitting the reset button on your body? That you were giving your body a 20 day break from drinking and to see how your patterns may shift after that?
  • That this is not forever.
  • That it may be worth exploring our relationships to the things we lean on the most – good, bad or the in between.
  • What would it feel like to see the difference from going from three cups of caffeine to one cup a day? Or none? Maybe your skin will be thankful. Maybe your digestive system will stop acting up. Maybe you’ll feel less anxious. Are you open to considering a 20 day stint to exploring this, knowing you’re not abandoning your old buddy Jo for…forever?

We think it’s worth it to ask ourselves questions like this. We think it’s worth it to give your body a break. We think it’s worth it to find yourself bored on a Friday night or maybe get a little uncomfortable going out while others drink and you sip on some kombucha. We think it’s worth it to change up habits and old practices.

So if these two are stopping you from signing up for a program like Prescribe 20, or any program that supports a healthy reset, maybe it’s time to reconsider the power two beverages have in your life and take a leap.

Join us for Prescribe 20 – we’re kicking off April 28th!