(Anna’s words and Katie’s mess. Although truth be told, I just don’t have a good camera handy – my space looks virtually the same.)

Our 2015 programs are loaded with bonus material and our participants are LOVING it. So as we brainstormed what sort of awesomeness we want to spice up Prescribe Balance with, we knew it had to be major. What big task could we tackle and breakdown over 20 days? Selfishly, I want to jumpstart spring cleaning.


My house is suffering from chronic inflammation. It’s not horribly messy, but there is too much stuff hiding behind closet and cupboard doors. And even when it is sparkling clean (rarely), in the back of my head, I know that underneath the surface there is work to be done. This kind of deep purging takes TIME, and often when done at once things get really messy before they get really clean. But what if we break those tasks down into 20 days with one small-ish, easy task per day?  Your makeup bag today, night stand tomorrow…


What if in 20 days you could purge all of the things you don’t need, use or love? Well, you would inevitably end up with a cleaner, more organized space that was filled with things you need, use and love. Doesn’t that just sound magical? Now pair that with your body feeling the same way and summer will find you one happy, HAPPY person.

So April showers will bring May flowers – and if you’re as ready for spring cleaning as I am, hopefully they will also bring clean closets, less clutter and a space that emanates healthy, happy living. In the words of Katie Jasper, “It’s time to turn this shit around!” Amen, right?! If that resonates with you, join us for 20 days of cleaning up your diet, your house, and your attitude towards life – because Prescribe Balance is where. it’s. at. And use code: dailyclean for 20% off.