*this is not a sponsored post.

Spring has sprung folks. We’re here. Fresh new leaves on the trees. New chapters in life. MORE daylight. The list goes on.

So, are you feeling fresh as a daisy?! [record stops] We know...coming off the dark and cold days of winter is often a recipe for imbalance. But there’s a silver lining: spring provides inspiration all around you to pull yourself out of hibernation. Today we’re sharing what our plan is to SPRING into summer and inviting you to join us. Whether it’s literal or virtual – commitments are king. How many times have you “started” something only to remember 10 days later that you forgot about your shinny new commitment, only days into it.

I’m the same. I just remembered that never finished my 21-day meditation commitment with Oprah and Deepak. Gah, sorry O & D. See, it happens. And, ps, I AM going to finish that for April. Mark my words.

But for me, I need to get physical. Both with my body and the action of showing up to the commitment. I’d love to say I do well with things I can do from home (let’s use the Oprah example for instance;), but the reality is I need to up my game and actually show up somewhere ELSE. I also need to pay for it. Things that are free tend to go by the wayside. Geez, look at me just learning all about myself in this exploration (she says with a slight grin).

That’s why when my favorite studio in all the world announced an April challenge, I was IN before I could even think it through. The Dailey Method Venice has been the missing piece to the puzzle for me. If you’ve read some of my personal posts from the past, you know I’m as transparent as it gets when it comes to life, weight, hormones, and aging. Today is my 39th birthday (YAY!) and I haven’t felt this strong (to-the-core) in … forever. I teach fitness, I eat well, and I know a lot about wellness, but I’m the first person to say that it’s never been easy. My weight fluctuates, my anxiety has peaks and valleys, my overall game changes from time to time. I really don’t dwell on it because I’ve made some good peace with myself, but I’d be lying if I didn’t want more for this body of mine. Whoa, ok got a little deep for a second.

The point is, I know myself and what I need. Right now it’s a commitment to keep working on my strength – both physical and mental. So if you happen to be in the Westside of LA and want to see changes you didn’t think were possible – join me! The “Spring into Action Challenge” is just that – a way to take action on intentions and to top it with the ultimate cherry – a challenge. They log all the classes you take, have weekly prizes, Instagram giveaways and grand prizes that give discounts on classes, self care package (think mani/pedi) and more. We’re all human and there’s just nothing like some incentives, potential discounts and of COURSE a killer workout brought to you by the best of the best to get your butt in gear. I’m even adding to the month by opting in for some nutrient dense, chef made meals to free up my time so I can fully focus on the challenge! Christine Daley, of Daley Deliver to the rescue. This lady (pictured below) is the shit. I can’t wait to eat dinner with her every day. Whether or not you’re up for the challenge, check her out – your mouth will be watering in no time!

If you can’t join me at The Dailey Method Venice, let this be our challenge to YOU. Find something in your hood or in your own kitchen that speaks to you. Challenge yourself with something that you’ve been putting off, whether it be MORE rest or LESS sugar. Commit to something for April – you won’t regret it! Here’s some thoughts:

  • 30 days of movement at another studio you love OR heck, have never been to.
  • 30 days of no-phone-Saturdays. Following the lead of our dear friend at Housecalls for Wellness.
  • 30 days of doing the 21 day Oprah + Deepak meditation (see what I did there;).
  • 30 days of ditching refined sugar.
  • 30 days of letting go of a certain unnecessary  pressure you’ve put on yourself.
  • 30 days of affirmations.
  • 30 days of 15 minute walks.
  • you get the picture.

Comment below with what you’re thinking for your April commitment. It’s always better in writing AND you are over 40% more likely to follow through when you write it down (and share!:).  Oh, and we have a fun little giveaway for one winner – picked from the comments below.