Heck no.

… sorry, we love the word heck.  It just happens.
We are officially one week out from the end {that we hope never really ends…} of our beloved second round of New Year New Rules: Nutrition for Real Life.  
When Megan and I got together we knew we would run one online program together as a start.  We set our expectations high, but conservative, not knowing what to expect – as a team, as participants and as Prescribe Nutrition.  What did we get? Almost 150 individuals from all over the globe whose common bond was this: they wanted to know more, feel better and make lasting changes that would not only benefit them but the ones they loved as well.  We did what we knew best and the response was overwhelming.  People loved it and they LOVED feeling good. Yay! Right?
They hopped on their “members only” portal, downloaded a 52-pg recipe packet, sat back and a watched a few helpful videos and realized they were doing something stellar for themselves. The chance of returning to old habits? Slim.
I have to say with the experience that I have had with various nutritionists and everything, I feel like you and Megan have an energy that makes people feel empowered.  That is not easy because a lot of
times it feels like someone is telling you what to do.  You basically are providing the information and telling people…”Hey…listen to your powerful body…it will tell you what it needs.”  Awesome.

So they filled their shopping bags with real, whole food and went at this with a plan.  Did you hear the key word? PLAN.  We promise you we don’t do anything without one.
I loved the program! These two weeks have not been as hard as I expected thanks to the discussion board! it really makes you feel supported and connected, plus it encourages you to stick to the plan. I love the idea of prepping veggies during on the weekend, it has really helped us actually eat the vegetables that in the past we had faithfully purchased week after week only to see them rotting in our fridge. The recipe package is fabulous! It familiarized me with different ingredients (I am in love with quinoa) and I had great ideas for breakfast. I am so glad I joined the NYNR group! Thanks ladies!

The call was there and they continued to tell us how simple it was.  
At first I thought this was a crazy diet plan, but the more I learned and thought about it, the more I thought about the foods I COULD eat, rather than the foods I couldn’t and it was much easier to process. Thank you for being so supportive and willing to answer our questions!

They also loved having the kiddos along for the journey.

Okay. Something magical happened and I wanted to share. My daughter ate a green bean. No, two. We have been putting them on the table for well over a year. So for the frustrated out there, there is hope. She also turned a corner sugar wise. Dont get me wrong, she knows the oat pancakes get her syrup and she tries every trick in the book for a chocolate pretzel. But conversely, she is asking for hummus, tuna, chicken bites, broccoli, granola, oatmeal etc instead of (insert crap food or anything dairy here). She tried several bites of quinoa without provocation. We are kind of just standing back in awe. So, Im thinking A. she has probably detoxed from sugarmania and B. It is probably easier to undo 1 year of sketchy food choices than 31 years.  Happy Wednesday friends!

So, there you have it {in the smallets of nutshells}.   New Year New Rules was for just about everyone – women, men, kids, young, old, single, married, low budget, high budget, cooks all the time or has never really cooked.  With the overwhelming response and few {nice} taps on the shoulder, we’ve rebranded New Year New Rules to Prescribe Nutritions New Rule’s and we are going run this bad boy every 6-8 weeks!  
Next rodeo {New Rules}: April 8th.  Doors are OPEN!

Already done NYNR or looking for more? Our newest program Get Balanced: No More Tired and Wired might just have your name on it.  Doors to that program open TOMORROW.  Stand by.
Thanks for sharing your journey & supporting yourselves in a priceless way. Nutrition is truly the key to a better life.  We know it and we want you to feel it.  
Life is not a diet, so let’s live.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I told my husband that unless he was willing to try to do the program with me it would be very hard for me to do this alone. He was willing to try and I have to say he feels great right now, and does not want to go back to the old way we were eating. That alone was worth the whole experience. But, that is not the whole story: I feel great and I have more energy and I am losing weight! yeah!! For the first time in my life I have control over sugar… I don’t miss it in my diet, and I am eating plenty of sweet things with all the yummy foods you can make with dates! My new sugar source! 🙂 The extra cooking and preparing is still hard work, but as I said on the boards to me it is worth it to feed myself and family the healthy food that our bodies need to continue to feel great. And one more praise, my children’s eczema; my daughter’s rashes are completely gone and my son’s cracked skin on his toes is 95% healed. Amazing!! No amount of cortisone cream was healing his feet! I would like to thank you both for equipping me with the knowledge and tools to continue on this path of healthy living…now I just have to start the exercise part of this journey! 🙂 God bless you both! 
– Lisa