IMG_9954Every year we post about how Halloween candy. It’s filled garbage and starts the downward sugar spiral that ends with Christmas and a suppressed immune system – just in time for the dead of winter. But as you know, we PN ladies love a good celebration and are never ones to poo-poo a party. So when our good friends unveiled their amazing (and suuuuper cute!) Sugar Goblin and accompanied book, we thought, “Well, Halloween is about to get a lot more fun and a lot less complicated!”
Who is this cute little Sugar Goblin?
The Sugar Goblin is our family’s favorite Halloween tradition. It’s an adorable plush green goblin who comes with a book that tells his story. Here is how it works: The Sugar Goblin is a little night time mischief maker who (with mom and dad’s help) plays little tricks on the days leading up to Halloween. After the crazy Halloween sugar craze is over kids choose some treats for themselves and trade the rest to The Sugar Goblin for a small toy. Tricks for treats!
Every great idea has a great backstory. How did you come up with it? 
We have 3 young kids who love Halloween. A couple of years ago my oldest daughter had accumulated a huge stash of candy by the time the season was over. It’s not just the trick or treating. I felt like every event we went to in October handed out tons of candy! My kids feel like they own that stash of candy, so it’s a huge struggle to help them eat just a little at a time. They want to keep it in their rooms and eat it for breakfast! I want Halloween to be about dressing up and carving pumpkins, not arguments about eating nerds before breakfast. We came up with the Sugar Goblin as a fun tradition for families and a way for parents to encourage some moderation. Sugar Goblins appear once you read the story about how the goblin village is running out of candy. These sweet little creatures survive on treats and they are all out. Then your goblin shows up a few weeks (or a few days) before Halloween and plays a little trick each night. My kids were instantly captured by the magic of it. They race out of bed to discover the tricks and happily give up a huge portion of the candy to save the village. The night after Halloween the Sugar Goblin takes the candy and goes back to the forest where he lives. He leaves a little toy to say how grateful he is (he may or may not leave the snicker bars for me).
As a busy mom, I love short cuts – give me your five best tricks!
I have three kids so my house tends to be a mess anyway. Sometimes I just throw a few stuffed animals around or dump out some blocks and blame the goblin. He has Velcro hands so you can easily hang him anywhere. Today my husband woke up and nearly scolded the girls for dumping out some cereal, but it was actually the goblin. Usually one day right before Halloween I do a bigger trick. I toilet paper the bathroom or I use scotch tape to cover the kids bedroom doorways. You can also find lots of trick ideas on our website.
Can the Sugar Goblin just stick around all year? I mean, not to rant or anything, but the amount of sugar filled treats handed out at school, after sports, and at parties drives me bonkers.
Last year I brought him out a couple days before Easter. He just did a trick or two and the kids assumed his stash was getting low. I think I’ll get him some bunny ears next year!
It’s not too late for your family to join in the fun! The Sugar Goblin is available here:
Retail locations are:
Creative Kidstuff
Teenie Bee Boutique
Red Balloon Bookstore