detoxbannerSo it’s January 3rd. Hopefully you’ve had a day or two to recover from the holiday madness or…maybe you’re still working on it. I mean it is still the weekend, we feel ya. For those of you that have already signed up for Prescribe 20 [kicking off in one week!], you may be diving into the DIY Detox that hit your inbox. If you want in on the food detox, see more info at the end of this blog! But what about our top tips not related to food? Food surely plays a fundamental role, but if you want to take a holistic, every angle approach, then consider trying one or more of these practices.

#1detoxblogA workout always does the body good. Not only do you leave feeling more buff, you’re getting powerful detox benefits as well. Sweating helps improve blood circulation which therefore helps drive out toxins from the body, which is always a good thing. Working out and sweating in particular can also relieve a little stress. In the words of Elle Woods, exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.


#2detoxblogAgain, a little sweating can go a long way. The skin is the largest organ in the body and therefore a major organ of elimination. Although not as prominent in today’s culture, sweating has been used as a form of detoxification since ancient times. Treat yourself to a little heat this winter, whether it’s in the form of a sauna, a steam room, some hot yoga or even a piping hot bath.

#3detoxblogPossibly our favorite option on this list. A little treat yo’self. A little self care. A whole lotta detoxing. Not only do you leave feeling pampered and relaxed, massage actively increases your circulation while you just lay there. Pretty easy huh? Don’t forget, better blood circulation=better detoxification. Easy peasy.

#4detoxblogThis one’s a fun one. Have you heard of dry brushing? You can pick up a drybrush online or at your local health food store. Dry brushing helps unclog pores and increase circulation. It stimulates your lymphatic system, which also helps with detoxification. Stand naked in a shower or bathtub. Begin brushing at your feet, doing long sweeping motions toward your chest. You always want to brush towards your chest. After you’ve brushed your entire body, turn on the water to give your body a quick rinse.

#5detoxblogSo easy but so easily forgotten. We often go through our days taking quick, shallow breaths. Take time to take a few deep breaths today. Or more than a few if you’re really a rockstar. Inhale for five counts, exhale for five. Exhaling will not only help detox your body, it detoxes the mind. Double bonus.

Prescribe 20 kicks off on the 10th and to say we are ready is an understatement. We are SO ready to get back to feeling like our best selves. Who’s with us? Find out more information and grab your spot here now! We’d love to have you join us. Need another reason? Register now and you’ll have our DIY Detox in your inbox within 24 hours. Use promo code “GETREADY” for 20% off.