Detox… cleanse …”a restart” – sound familiar? Been there done that? Yeah, us too. The common thread with those catch words is usually followed by a sigh and a mix of emotions ranging from hope to anxiety. Will this detox work? Will I lose weight or find myself back where I started…? or, heaven forbid, will I be in a worse spot than when I started? Detoxing smarter is something we strive to achieve at Prescribe Nutrition. A typical detox can feel like jumping off a cliff and, gosh, that’s just no way to live. If you’re like us, here’s how a typical detox has goes.


  1. Plan your “last meal”. I mean life is about to change drastically so it’s time for (insert all your favorites) : bread, wine, ice cream, you name it.
  2. Get ready to bear down. Whatever detox you’ve committed to, that’s now your holy grail.
  3. Cross your fingers.
  4. Count the days. And then recount them (“this will end eventually, right?”).
  5. Likely find yourself in the mood swing conundrum of your life.
  6. Reach the finish line. Maybe.


But wait, there is a better way. This WE promise. Detoxing at PN works to focus on removing foods that caused inflammation and replacing them with foods that nurture, heal and help detoxify. Our giddy-up-and-go list looks like this:

  1. Change your mind. There is no last meal because guess what, if you want those “favorite things”, you’ll get to have them again – just with better perspective and intention.
  2. Plan your detox by fueling your body. Fill up the tanks. Going into a detox on empty can only lead to one thing – more E M P T Y. More on this… #3.
  3. Blood sugar is your guide. The rollercoaster of blood sugar is one we want to get off of for a detox. The remarkable part of most detoxes is they fuel blood sugar imbalance. Many (juicing especially) don’t have enough essential macro nutrients (think protein and fat) to stabilize us. So all day like we are fighting ourselves. Highs and lows – energy, mood, focus, patience. We recommend including responsible protein sources (organic/grass-fed) and healthy fats into a detox.
  4. Detox in REVERSE. What does that mean? It’s the idea that instead of taking all the inflammatory foods out right away, do it is stages. This helps with that cliff we DON’T want you to jump off of.
  5. Eat when you’re hungry. Remember our detox method is about nurturing our bodies. Food is fuel. Less about what you’re not eating, more about what you are. Sometimes you’ll even eat more (deep breaths here) but that “more” is still far less than a day filled with packaged, processed and sugar laden foods. #trustus
  6. Unlike our friends at Whole30 (we really do love them), we want a PN detox to become your way of life. Something you can call your foundation without feeling so limited. We find that while Whole30 fits for some – it doesn’t for everyone. Eliminated SO many foods isn’t sustainable for the masses.

So there it is. When the focus is on success, what you CAN eat and fueling your body… life can feel pretty sweet, you know like natural sweets, and all the sweet that lives around us.