Cobweb covered doors, ghosts hanging from trees, Zombie pub crawls…spookiness abounds this time of year. But perhaps the scariest aspect looming in the dark and making us want to cover our eyes is that Americans spend over TWO BILLION dollars on Halloween candy, and the average trick-or-treater takes home the equivalent of 3 cups of pure sugar. Freddy Krueger’s got nothing on that.

If you know us, you know we love a good party, so we aren’t about to suggest that we 86 Halloween. Let’s do the opposite! What if we create even more excitement around the spookiness and costume fun. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for Halloween help and here are the best ideas I came across for anyone looking to majorly curb the amount of sugar eaten by your ghosts and goblins  Frozen characters and super heroes.

  • A quick Google search can provide numerous festive options, starting this weekend – hay rides, costume parties, spooky trails, etc. Try putting more emphasis on the costumes and family fun. A huge perk?  No sugar crashes from fresh air and family time
  • Halloween is on a Friday …throw a monster mash! Bobbing for apples, fun festive treats that you don’t leave you feeling guilty and boogying down to the Love Shack. Is there anything better than kids on a dance floor?
  • We are all about leveling up with kids. Taking things up a nutritional notch in baby steps is a great way to keep everyone happy and to keep moving in the right direction. Here are some fun options.
  • Make a large healthy meal before trick-or-treating. Whether it’s taco night or a big pot of chili, fill up on a healthy dinner, packing in the nutrition and leaving less room for candy. We love this Weelicious recipe for chili and how about an upgraded dessert?
  • After your trick or treating have a thoughtful conversation about how much candy to keep – try to decide together. For extra incentive have the Candy Fairy come pick up the candy you won’t be eating in exchange for a small prize or a few dollars


Halloween begins a long stint of holidays, treats and sugar woes. For that very reason, and back by popular demand, we’ve got another round of Kids Rule featuring Weelicious. The fun begins November 10th and will set you up for success just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day – we’ve got a lot to celebrate and plenty of tips on how to up the nutrition ante and keep those little immune systems strong.