We’ve been talking stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce a whole lot these days. Can you blame us? We are just a week and a half out from one of the most delicious days of the year.

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In talking holidays with our awesome PN program participants, one of our favorite discussion topics was traditions. Specifically, what are some non-food based traditions we can start or continue? Nothing feels better than earning some of those calories with a little huffing and puffing!

We love the idea of a family football scrimmage, a family hike, or sledding. There are also a TON Thanksgiving walk/runs organized with family participation in mind. What a great way to kick off a day filled with delicious food, and more importantly time spent with family or friends.

SleddingIf an organized family “workout” just isn’t going to happen, some other ideas we loved were: crafting with kiddos, scavenger hunts or games (charades is SO underrated!), and delivering holiday treats to neighbors, firehouses, nursing homes, etc.

Let’s extend the celebrating and memory making beyond the dinner table and our seats in front of the TV. ¬†What are your plans this year?

Earn it, burn it…turn it into a tradition to look forward to every year!

lots ‘o love,