We make no secret of our love for other small businesses who create fantastic products as we all work to upgrade health and nutrition!  Seven Sundays is one of them.  Their mission: fall in love with breakfast again.  Diggin’ that? So do we.

Artisin inspired, made in MN, and of course made with LOVE.  Real love.  So why are going nuts over this muesli?  Well this one [blueberry chia buckwheat] is gluten-free, right up Prescribe Nutrition’s alley.  What else does that mean? It’s PN program approved [hey, Prescribe 20’ers] too – bingo. Don’t get us wrong, the way they deliver WHOLE grains in all their cereals is where it’s at, but for those that have to sidestep gluten, welcome to your new favorite breakfast.  Add a dollop of almond butter, some fresh berries, or heck, make it skillet [ok stop, it’s almost too good].


Ok, ok… so what about the give a way you ask?  Here’s the detes:

  1. Entry one: like Seven Sundays & Prescribe Nutrition on Instagram.  Write that you’ve done this in the comments.
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  5. Join us for Prescribe 20 [starts Sunday – Feb. 15th] as we upgrade ALL our meals.  Use the code: ‘sevensundays’ for 20% off.  That’s less than $7/day for 20+ of constant nutrition support! It’s almost too good to be true.
  6. We will pick and announce the winner on Sunday night [2/15].  Cause, c’mon, it’s ‘Sunday’.