clearly she hasn’t been meal planing either

If I could be granted one wish to make my life easier {at home}, it would be to have balanced meals scheduled out for me with an attached meal plan that made sure that I used all of the food I bought, and took into account what weekly sales were happening at my grocery store – oh, and at least three of the meals would have to be 20 minutes or less to make. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? 

I actually love cooking and flipping through cookbooks or archived recipes that we have tried and loved. The issue has become time. It takes a lot of time for me to find recipes that share common ingredients, so that we aren’t throwing away fresh produce, but they also have to be different enough that my bosses don’t realize that I am slipping kale in four nights in a row. 

Our friends over at Modern Parents Messy Kids have some great tips and tricks to share. Head on over and click around! But here is the real question…where is the healthy, drive-thru “fast food” joint where I can pick up {without unloading my bosses} organic, allergy-friendly meals?!

Do you have any meal planning tips that save you time and energy?