Nutrition has something to do with the ability to learn?  You bet.  For many families heading back to school is right around the corner.  With this comes the usual back to school rituals: some fun new clothes, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators and so on.  All things that get the kids ready to tackle the new school year, right?

What else do you need to properly prep for the school year?  How about the best and smartest fuel for each and every day?  If you know Prescribe Nutrition, you know that we see food as fuel.  Like vroooom … fuel.  It impacts our bodies, our organs and our brains. The brains of the most important individuals on the planet… our kids, our future!


Did you know that the human brain is over 70% fat?  So in order to function correctly, we might need what?  Fat. The good kind  of course.  That healthy balance of omega’s, unsaturated and even some healthy saturated fats (hello coconut!).  Our brains also need amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.  That is how our neurotransmitters (the brain’s chemical messengers) transmit.

Can you think of a time as an adult where you just felt … blah?  A few times?  Often you can connect it with what you put in your body, right?  Snack chips, dips, maybe a soda (or two), cookies, a little bit of cake or …..?!  Sound familiar?  We get it. Then what do you want to do after that?  If you’re like us, you just want to lie down. Now there’s nothing wrong with a little fun and some indulgences every once in a while but not when it’s at the expense of our bodies and brains.  So then, what about this scenario and our kids?  Sugar, creamy dairy and crunchy snacks, they tend to love this stuff, right?  So consider how you feel after eating that food, and then how they probably feel –  their bodies are tiny, growing and running a mile a minute compared to ours.  Feeling like that would sure make sitting in a classroom pretty challenging, huh?


Did you know that “Each year 17,000 new products hit our grocery shelves.  17,000 new products vying for your food dollar.”  (Michael Pollan). Crazy, right? Unfortunately those 17,000 new products are doing less good then we might hope.  Incidence rates of almost everything are on the rise – especially things like ADD, ADHD and mood and behavioral challenges.  Food that is highly processed interferes with the brains ability for proper cognition.


Ever wonder why we all love those foods so much?  In fact, it’s not by mistake. Interestingly enough there are actually addictive principles in some of our most popular foods – like gluten & dairy.  If the body doesn’t properly break down those foods, compounds are developed that sit in opiate receptors (you heard that right – opiates) in the brain.  This is just one of the reasons we want more and more (in addition to additives and preservatives that are meant to enhance flavor).  This is also why many kids and adults alike react behaviorally to food.


Have you observed your kids mood or behavior change after a meal or snack?  BINGO.  That’s the elements of food at work.  How about a really colorful and nutritious breakfast and then the kids just run, play and laugh for hours on end? Well, that’s food at work too.  GREAT work. The more alive your foods are, the more alive you will feel.  The more alive your kiddos will feel!

So what’s the key with nutrition and healthy learning? It’s all about making upgrades where you can. Raising a family is tough as it is, but we all want kids to learn, grow and thrive in school.  That’s why we teamed up with Weelicious and created Kids Rule! We take foods kids like and make upgrades – changes that they can get on board with. We dig a bit deeper with the ‘whys’ behind picky eating, behavioral issues and so much more. We find ways to get in those amino acids, healthy fats and also vitmains, minerals, and antioxidants. Perhaps  most importantly? We get the kids involved. Because when they are educated about the food they eat, healthy eating will last a lifetime.


Ready to get the whole family on board? Learn more and register for Kids Rule starting Aug 11, materials go out Friday August 8th!