Friday’s in July we will be talking fashion. We did this once in May and were surprised to see that it was one of our more popular posts. While fashion and nutrition may not go hand-in-hand, both can be directly related to the way you feel. And we are all about feeling good – however that looks for you. 

We know that it’s possible to feel just as great in yoga pants and a tee shirt as it does when glammed up. It’s about adding some personal touches, that make your outfits feel like you. And we have a little trick to help you get there.  

The five piece rule is a way to make any outfit look complete while adding in your personal style. If you’ve ever looked at someone and said, why do they always look so put together? This is probably why.

It’s all in the name. Five. Pieces. 

Each outfit, whether it’s your workout gear or your little black dress, will feel more finished as you add your extra touches. Sometimes it’s those little things that really add up. Earrings, sunglasses, a scarf, bracelets, a head scarf, a clutch or purse – we even think a great shade of lipstick can count as one of your accessories. 

Your add-ins:

One more great aspect regarding accessorizing, is that you can really cut back on the amount of clothes you need. Let your accessories change the look of each outfit. For example, let’s take your basic jeans and white tee. Outfit one : jeans, tee, baseball hat, stud earrings, and some wrist candy. Outfit two: jeans, tee, belt, high heels, and a statement necklace. Play it casual or vamp it up a little. Voila!

Happy accessorizing,