Last week we talked about the five piece rule, and this week we want to share some of our favorite resources for fashion inspiration. Pinterest tops our list as the easiest and quickest source – and how can you not love the organizational aspect of filing every image you love onto the board of your choice. Gone are the days of having to dog-ear the pages of fashion magazines and catalogues. 

Blogs are our next favorite quick stop when we want a fashion fix, and with a new fashion blog popping up each minute, there is plenty of inspiration swirling around the blogosphere. Here are some that we frequent:

Atlantic-Pacific is one of our favorites when it comes to mixing colors and patterns, while still keeping a classic look. While we might not be able to afford her closet, there is always creativity that gets our wheels turning. Blair is one of the fashion blogging pioneers, so she has hundreds of looks you can scroll through. 

The Daybook is more of a lifestyle blog, though Sydney does post outfits on a fairly regular basis. Her outfits are both stylish and affordable, so if you see something you love, it wont cost you an arm and a leg. For any pregnant women out there looking for some bump style, scroll through her blog and you will not be disappointed.

Cheetah is the New Black is another goodie! Alicia’s style is a little edgier than the other blogs, which we can definitely appreciate. Her style is also fairly eclectic, so don’t be surprised to see some throwback pieces that might surprise you.

And last, but definitely not least, Love Taza.
Naomi certainly isn’t aiming to be a fashion blogger, but she always looks so dang cute. Actually, her whole family is adorable. Because she isn’t specifically blogging about fashion, you won’t find where she buys her clothing from unless you ask – and even then, many of her pieces are vintage finds. She may put a bee in your bonnet to find a cute thrift shop near you. 

Do you frequent any fashion blogs – what are your favorites?