Holy how is it the last Friday in July already?! 

Seeing as how August begins sweaters and jeans popping up all over clothing stores – we may as well talk fall fashion. Sad, I know, but somehow even warm weather deprived Minnesotans still can’t avoid sweater-swooning by the end of August.

So a fashion forecast is coming your way. Let me grab my magic 8 ball… kidding of course, everyone knows magic 8 balls only work for relationship advice when you’re in middle school.  

I am going to assume that you will not be dressing like this (while aspects of these might be inspiring):

 and focus on some wearable looks. Hold on to your flippy floppies…

Move over green, but not too far, while you are still Pantone’s color of 2013 – blue is creeping in as fall and winter’s favorite color

Plaid is back and animal print seems to have one season left


Tall boots. Like, really tall. 

Oversized knit hats, and well, really just hats galore

Winter whites

This is just a small sampling. Leather will still be all over – skirts, pants, shirts, you name it. And peplum and military inspired wear will continue to be popular as well. If you think trends are for the birds, or for continuing to feed the billion dollar fashion industry, then you know what? Wear what you love and what feels good – nothing shines like a confidant, comfortable woman.

Now wipe that sweat off of your forehead, it’s too hot to look at jackets and winter hats!