We’re back!  Round two of our “must haves” over at Practically Perfect and we simply had to re-share it with all of you. This time we’re talking convenience snacks.  Because let’s get real, life is ridiculously busy, and convenience is king.  As nutritionists, we get this question – A LOT: what are our go to snacks?! The good news is that part one of this blog series sets you right up for having these convenience snacks ready for action. Pretty slick, right?

  • Trail Mix: Now that your pantry is stocked with mixed nuts, cacao nibs and your favorite dried fruits, you have homemade mix at your fingertips!
  • Bars: We’re not gonna lie, we’re a tiny bit tired of bars.  You know, when you just kind of run out of love for them?  But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our go-tos.  We love RxBars and Larabars – they do a great job of limiting ingredients (less than 5!) and giving us a good dose of clean ingredients.  We’re very wary of bars with a long list and non-food ingredients (think: things you can’t pronounce).
  • Beef Jerky: There’s not much that beats a protein snack to keep you going until the next meal.  Beef jerky travels well and last a long time.  Epic and Mighty are a couple of our favorites!  Look for brands that use high-quality meat, grass-fed is ideal!
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs: Keeping with the protein theme, eggs are a great fat + protein source that support balanced blood sugar and balanced blood sugar = stable moods, feeling satiated, and having energy.
  • Nut butter: This lovely option sits really nicely as it’s both a fat + protein. If you know us, you know that the key to staying fuller longer is fat + fiber + protein. Justin’s makes great single serving nut butter packs to throw in your purse or gym back as you never know when you’ll need that fuel to pick ‘yo self up. Just be careful for the added sugar in the maple, honey and chocolate flavors. These are not “bad” it’s just best to grab for the cleanest, lowest sugar version.
  • Fruits and Veggies: We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t reiterate the power of the most whole, real forms of energy.  Our best advice is to try to reach for veggies first, fruits second. Often veggies have more fiber and less carbohydrates… AKA, they will keep you fuller, longer. Pair them up with a little hummus, avocado or some nuts and you’ll be feeling fine in no time.

…Fuel that balances your blood sugar, keeps you satiated longer and gives you energy.  If you have more questions or want some additional support, just let us know.  We’re here for you, always. And if you need suggestions for how to contain your grab-and-go snacks, check this Practically Perfect article out where Kitt & Joni share their favorite pantry storage containers.