Dear February, we have plans for you. Instead of thinking about all of the love and gifts we have to dole out this month, we are going to channel that love right back at ourselves and see what comes from it. Selfish? Nah, self-love. The kind of love that starts with a small spark and spreads like wildfire. Intention set.


We are talking 28 days – okay, now 27 – of reconnecting, honoring, forgiving, taking care of, and ultimately loving yourself. When is the last time you woke up and thought, what can I do for myself today? That doesn’t come easy, but it’s so important. A wise person once said, “28 days of practicing self love will make you look younger, feel better, and drop five pounds.” Okay, maybe I made that up, but I do know that on days that I am kind to myself, I am a better me. Multiply that by a month and you just know something great will come from the seeds we planted. Ready, set, make a list of things that you can do for YOU and get them on your calendar.


We will be using Facebook and Instagram to help remind you to do something for yourself daily. And we will be participating, too. Let’s make waves! How about it?! Join us in posting what you are doing for yourself by using the hashtags #chooseyou #selflove and #PNheartsFEB #PNheartsFood #PNheartsYOU

And if you want to have even more fun… look for hearts this month.  Not literal hearts, hearts were you don’t expect them.