Well, frankly we’ve been fed up from the start.  That’s why we founded Prescribe Nutrition. What we’re doing isn’t working.  We’ve stepped away from cooking, whole foods, and sitting down for meals and we’ve subbed in fast, processed and convenient.  Where has it gotten us?  We think you have a hunch, but if you don’t, we have the solution: information.  The more we know the more we can understand the connections, particularly between how food genuinely affects how we feel and our health. From there we can make choices that truly feed us.  But we can’t do this alone.  This is a sort of a team deal.  You need the information, facts, inspiration, experts and tools.  This is why we love Fed Up.  They are telling it straight.  Sometimes it hurts to hear, we know that, but it’s vital to our future.

All the major illnesses are fueled by our intake of sugar. #fact.

We wrote a blog earlier this Summer and now we are beyond thrilled to be teaming up with the Fed Up themselves.  Not only do we want you to feel better – we want you to have the tools to take the appropriate steps.

Today we are excited to announce our Fed Up give-a-way! We’ll be giving away DVD copies of the movie from producers Katie Couric and Laurie David to TWO winners.  We also urge you – winner or not – to take the Fed Up Challenge (more details below)!



Let’s take action.  But first, lets give a way a couple of these life changing DVD’s!  To enter we’re giving you THREE chances to win:

  1. Like Fed Up on Facebook and let us know that you did in the comments.
  2. Share our Recipe Site/Indiegogo Campaign on Facebook (and let us know in the comments)! The recipe site we are building is going to directly support missions like Fed Up by transforming the way nutrition is delivered to the masses -making healthy eating easier and more accessible to all! Win win.
  3. Take the Fed Up challenge yourself!  See the details below, and in the comments let us know you are committing to the challenge.  We’ll be there to support you the WHOLE way.** #fedupchallenge

We’ll pick a winner at 11am CST Monday! Let’s get Fed Up together.

Here are some of the fantastic ways Fed Up is encouraging us all to make a commitment to knowledge and action.

Back-to-School Fed Up Challenge: A 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge, for parents, students, schools and just about everyone who wants to start off this fall on a healthy note.Challenge Sign-up here. Make sure to share your challenge with others – it’s inspiring!

Fed Up House Parties: We’re asking people to host a viewing party of Fed Up in their home and then join the film team in a Facebook Q&A on September 22nd. RSVP for house parties is here.  You can do this with you winning DVD!!

School and Community Screenings: Fed Up is now available for group screenings outside of the theater. The screening license ranges based on attendees and hosting organization but we are starting to set up screenings across the country. If you would like to host one or know of an organization that might be interested have them emailinfo@fedupmovie.com

** If you think a little extra support is in order we have just the thing for you.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect! Our next and final round of Reset:14 (ALL refined sugar free!) starts next Monday, the 15th!  Use the code: fedup for 20% off.  More on how our programs work at the bottom of this page.