I’m sitting down to write this with a big cup of tea as it pours outside. It’s been raining for 3 days in these parts. It’s cozy, I’m in PJs and I’m so happy fall is officially here. Maybe I’ll make some pumpkin bread, maybe I’ll pull out the slow cooker…maybe I won’t work out for 4 months. Wait. What?

Let’s get real. Fall comes in all cozy and cute, dressed up as a pumpkin and smelling like spice. It bamboozles us into thinking the day ends at 5pm. Workouts drop off the priority list. My dog doesn’t even want to go for a walk right now, so why should I? Starbucks’ tireless marketing campaign gives us a free pass to drink what is essentially a dessert in a cup – daily. I’m starting to wonder if the reason I love fall so much is because of all the permission it gives me….to kind of act like a lazy piece?


Did you know that right now, at this very moment, is likely the lightest/healthiest you will be all year? “So, congratulations. This is as good as things are going to get. Get ready for a marathon of candy, turkey, stuffing, latkes, eggnog, fruit cake and terribly frustrating political discussions with strange relatives. Oh, and beer.” No. Screw that. I’m sick of it. Stuffing is good but it’s not that good (shhhh just go with me). Let’s do something about it this year.

Yes, it’s important to slow down, more often than we give credit to. But it’s also important to fight all the not so restorative things that come hand in hand with the holiday season. Let’s put it like this, our ancestors had to hunker down a bit in the colder months as well, but that doesn’t mean they watched 9 hours of Narcos + 12 hours of GOT in one week, while grazing on the cookie tray that Timmy brought home from school. No, in fact, they still moved and they ate what they always ate, not an extra pound of sugar each month. Quite the opposite in fact. The point is, you have to make the same effort during this time of year as you do the rest of the year if you don’t want to see negative changes. Basic? Yes. But we think we need the reminder.

Let’s not lose it! So what does that look like? It means actually making a commitment and sticking to it. What does that require? Energy. Putting the spotlight on energy. From now until the end of the year we’re highlighting everything we can do to keep our energy high as 2016 winds down. No you don’t have to keep up your summer workout routine, but you have to do something – just change it up. It means that if you can’t control sugar cravings, don’t keep it in the house. Every week we’re coming at you with motivation, inspiration, recipes & more to help you keep you energy up, and knock ’em dead at the holiday party.

We all know what happens in winter. We get a nice winter coat, and not the one from J.Crew. In the words of our lovely Anna, let’s #fightthefall so we don’t let winter make us its bitch. We are fighting the fall so we are in shape to battle the winter.