Summer – why does it seem like the most chaotic time of the year? Most nights we’ve got happy hours or walking dates with friends, kids are in every single camp/sport/activity possible, Summer weekends were booked out before May even ended!  How do we find balance throughout this so we can actually savor these moments? Is there a way to fill up our tanks, instead of feeling totally dazed and drained once autumn rolls around?


  1. Do one thing at a time. Yep, no awards here for multi-tasking. Trust us on this one and just do it. Practice throwing yourself into one thing at a time and notice how much more present you feel. When you’re eating a meal, just eat the meal. When you’re playing with your kids, just play with your kids. When you’re on a walk, just “be” on that walk. Whenever possible put down the phone or distraction and focus on the one thing you’re doing.
  2. Schedule time for just you. Alert the troops and call in backup if needed. This is your time to recharge. Do something that will satisfy you, something you need. Take a bath, read a book, get your nails done, go to a cute patio and enjoy the ambiance with a tea or a glass of wine, go try a workout class you’ve been eyeing for a while – the opportunities are endless. This is not about what your bestie or your partner wants to do – this is
  3. Unplug – at least a little. Try to disconnect from your phone – social media, email, texting…the works. Maybe it’s just for a dinner date, maybe it’s for an entire evening. Maybe you don’t look at your phone until after 12pm on aSaturday. Hey – maybe you put it away for an entire weekend (a girl can dream, right?) Life is happening way too quickly to be worried about what your ex or your favorite blogger is up to tonight. Unplug and refocus your priorities.


Treat your body right! Balance within your body is reflected on the outside. Start by focusing on balancing your snacks and meals. Eat a combination of fat, fiber, and protein – thmagic trio. Say buh-bye to blood sugar spikes and hello to feeling balanced and satisfied. Having this solid foundation of healthy eating habits sets you up for success in finding balance at a deeper level within your body. Stay tuned for part two where we’ll dive into this a little deeper! 

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