Well, here we are – very much in the thick of holiday happenings. Does anyone else’s pulse immediately raise when you  open your email to reminder after reminder of, “QUICK! 30% ends…” or “LAST DAY of FREE shipping…” Then there is the hustle and bustle of every mall and boutique – and somehow at all hours, too. We are doing the rush around,  and there are quite a few crazy parking lots  and frowny faces out there as we go.

This is your reminder to slow down, take some deep breaths. Remember that there will be another open parking spot, that other people’s energy does not have to effect yours, and that this holiday season will be as stressful or fun as you make it. Take a few minutes (or more!) daily to reflect on how you want these next couple of weeks to look and feel. We have  much more control over how our day goes than we know. 


We want to re-share our favorite approach to stress and how you can use your stress to help you. Get better at being stressed, and even befriend it. It has changed our lives, let it transform yours as well!