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Detoxing Beyond Food

So it’s January 3rd. Hopefully you’ve had a day or two to recover from the holiday madness or...maybe you’re still working on it. I mean it is still the weekend, we feel ya. For those of you that have already signed up for Prescribe 20 [kicking off in one week!], you...

We LOVE a Party

It's never been a secret. The ladies at Prescribe Nutrition love a party. Sure we're into "healthy" but you CAN have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. And no, we didn't skip the wine either on this one. Prescribe Nutrition was founded right along the same time...

It’s Time to Feel the Love.

This. Summer. Whoaz. Here at Prescribe Nutrition we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some incredible individuals through our programs. We’ve also gotten to know ourselves quite a bit more. What we know is that things change, stress exists and sometimes we are...

Summer Balance, Part II

You know we’re all about that balance. We gave you a few of our favorite overall balance tips in part one, but we’re back to give you a sneak peek of our next program, Prescribe Balance, where we dig into hormone, body, and mind imbalances in greater depth. Although...

Guide to the Holiday Weekend

Who doesn’t love a holiday weekend?! While we truly stand behind the motto that “life is not a diet,” there are always some ways to make some painless upgrades. Making simple shifts will result in a more PN friendly celebration along with feeling a whole lot better...

Nature, We Love You.

Get outside! We’ve got a thing for nature. It’s so therapeutic and healing when you can slow down and appreciate it. We’ve been making a point to reconnect with nature this year and these are our two favorite [and simple] ways. Get grounded. Physically connect with...

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