Last week we shared our love for The Apiary Salon, and their love for using products so natural you can ingest them. Isn’t that awesome? We think so. Don’t stop with your hair products. Take a peek at the ingredient list on your face wash, lotion, lipstick, and perfume. Did you know that there is a “dirty dozen” in regards to your cosmetic ingredients – time for some ingredient investigation at home.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon the oil cleansing method and began experimenting with different types of oil for my face. Beyond feeling good about cutting back on chemicals, the oils were working just as well as the pricey products I had been shelling out on. I used this Crunchy Betty blog as I got started, and she now has this follow up blog with even more tips and suggestions. My personal mix includes castor oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and sesame oil. 

If you want to try the oil cleansing method but don’t have the time or patience to find a mix that works for you, then check out Crunchy Betty’s Etsy shop. Her handmade deodorant gets rave reviews, too. The cherry on top? All of her products come with the exact recipe, so you can make it at home yourself. 

Now go get your glow on, naturally.