Get-To-Know-Us-IntroAnna, Anna, Anna. Where do we begin with this one? She has the biggest heart and the biggest dreams. She’s our big picture gal, our team mom, and keeps us grounded in who we are and what we do (both personally and as a team). She’s there for you at the drop of a hat as a friend, a mentor, a therapist, a ride…for literally anything. Anna is one of those  people that elevates you when you’re around her – she truly brings out the best in you.  Fun fact: Anna didn’t know a photoshoot was happening when the above photo was taken. She didn’t bring any makeup with on the trip and as you can tell, yes, she naturally glows. Her outer beauty is a true reflection of the beauty within. We’d be lost without you, lady. Thanks for being you.

Five sentences to share any bit of your story you’d like…ready go:

  1. I dream of dreadlocks, a closet that holds only a handful of outfits, living urbanly but weekending to a place with: a community of people that is like family, tall trees, a body of water and an abundance of homegrown food (this dream is a work in progress…as in I am thinking about starting one of those things).
  2. Three tiny women fill my days with more love and joy than I thought was possible and on occasion depths of frustration I didn’t know existed. They have spurred so much personal growth in my life and I am forever grateful.
  3. I have been with my boyfriend for 17 years (8 of those years he’s been my husband, too) and he is the best man I know, my anchor, voice of reason and best friend.
  4. Learning about the power of food was what totally opened my eyes to how sacred, amazing and connected our bodies and earth are.
  5. I believe that where there is good intention, passion, hard work, a willingness to adjust and honesty, there is an opportunity to move mountains. Working with best friends and witnessing lives change for the better has been a true privilege.
  6. I am not a rule follower.

Anna1Favorite meal – what is it and do you make it or buy it out?
This is such a toss up between a good burger and sushi. I would prefer to eat both out, but I can make a mean juicy lucy.

What do you do to move yo’ body?
Up until recently yoga, jogging, and walking and not enough of any of it. Recently I committed to my first round of with Kayla Itsines app, “Sweat.” It is really challenging, and honestly the hardest part for me is the consistency of it, but that is where I need to be challenged – consistency. The community aspect of it is lovely, much like why I love Prescribe Nutrition.

What’s your beauty routine? Love a good beauty routine.
For better or worse, I am a Leo through and through and this holds true in my beauty routine (read: what’s routine?). I am a total switcher upper. I find a handful of products I love and rotate through them.

  • Shampoo: Intelligent Nutrients, Burt’s Bees, or Bloody Gorgeous’ O Yeah shampoo
  • Conditioner: Intelligent Nutrients or Burt’s Bees
  • Lotion: Jojoba oil or sesame oil rub down pre shower, which usually leaves me soft enough to forego lotion after
  • Face wash: One Love Organic’s Skin Savior or R+F’s Redefine line
  • Make up: Often I will go makeup free, but use Honest Company’s chapstick and put a little gel on my crazy brows. If I am going to wear makeup, I will mix mineral powder into Skin Savior or use Lancome’s Photogenic Lumessence. I top it off with a little blush cream and mascara, and call it a day!  

What are you most excited about for the NEW PN?
Honestly, everything. I think there is so much excitement in rolling out a new site with new structure. My favorite aspect of PN is hands down the community that rallies around each other, and the new site will enhance this. Having the opportunity to create a site that reflects our thoughts and dreams and user feedback is awesome.

IMG_7425-2Rapid fire to finish it off…what are you currently:

  • Reading: Just finished When Breath Becomes Air. Currently on the nightstand: A Course In Miracles, Women Who Run with the Wolves, and paging through The Edible Balcony
  • Listening: Paul Simon, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Beyonce
  • Watching: The hubs and I started “The Wire” a few weeks ago and are now plowing through season four! Also, “The Voice” – which makes me cry e.v.e.r.y. episode. Honestly one of my favorite things is watching Pharrell watch people perform.
  • Smelling: I actually can’t stop smelling my rosemary plant, but I am smelling like rose oil or Chloe by Chloe
  • Eating: Currently, brazil nuts and coffee. In a dream world: a sushi platter, Garfield-style