Meet Katie! To know her is to love her. She’s everyone’s favorite friend, yoga teacher and gal to shoot the shit with. If you want a good laugh or a non judgmental sounding board, she is the person to call. Sensitive yet strong, confident but eager to grow and learn – Katie is such a great mix of qualities we all strive for and look for in friends. She is a fearless leader and a lover of building and strengthening a sense of community. Her love for Prescribe Nutrition lays largely in the gratification she takes in empowering people to heal their bodies with food. Our love for her is immeasurable!

Five sentences to share any bit of your story you’d like…ready go:

  1. I have horrible fashion sense. I basically wear the same 3 things all the time. All.the.time.
  2. I love to travel! It lights a spark in me that I don’t get from many other things.
  3. On the contrary, one my favorite place to be is home. I don’t keep much of a social calendar. I love looking into a weekend that is plan-less. I mean, two nights in a row of plans and I’m exhausted. I guess I’m slowly learning my boundaries for self care.
  4. My sister is my best friend.
  5. I live in the grey. I love knowing that there is no one right/wrong way to do things. It really relieves so much stress just going with the flow.

12513939_10208911156606177_5293966860847837214_o-1024x1024Favorite meal – what is it and do you make it or buy it out?
Why are these questions so hard;( I mean the insider secret at PN is my love for nachos. Now I talking really good ones. Fresh corn tortilla chips, grilled chicken or beef, mounds lettuce, delish salsa, beans, jalapenos, and oh yes, sour cream. I do have a sweet spot of sour cream. Ideally I’d make them but some places really kill it with legit nachos.

What do you do to move yo’ body?
I’m kind of a cardio junkie BUT very specifically spin. Because truth be told, I also a big baby when it comes to working out. There’s something about being on the bike and know (largely speaking) what I’m in for. Second love is yoga – (says the yoga teacher herself)

KJ-laughing-with-friendsWhat’s your beauty routine? Love a good beauty routine.
Ha! Of the PN team I think we’d all agree – I come in 4th place with a beauty routine. Buuuut, things I do each day:

  • Wash my face (Beautycounter).
  • Moisturize (One Love Organics) Skin Savior.
  • I live for Lancome Photogenic Lumessence (nope, not “green” but I love it)
  • Lip gloss, I’ll always have a lip gloss near by

What are you most excited about for the NEW PN?
Oh man, what am I NOT excited for?!? Ongoing program offerings for the PN crew, more support and AHmazing capabilities that are going to KNOCK (your) socks off.

Rapid fire to finish it off…what are you currently (right now):

  • Reading: The Good Girl
  • Listening: Just finished The Surrender Experiment and now to Brene Brown: Rising Strong (for the 3rd time)
  • Watching: Breaking Bad (for the 2nd time)
  • Smelling: Flowers! I buy flowers almost every time I go to the store/market!
  • Eating: well, I’m drinking, drinking a smoothie. AND having a coffee. Duh.