Get-To-Know-Us-IntroWhen you meet Megan, the reality that life isn’t fair becomes cemented. She is the real kind of cool – the kind that wears Levi’s, loves jazz, drinks scotch, has tie dyed bed sheets, and plants that hang in macrame planters…but they’re not a recent purchase #hellotrendsetter. She’s also a true beauty- sometimes when she smiles, we lose our train of thought because we find ourselves lost in the most amazing set of pearly whites we’ve ever seen. To top it all off, she is a gentle, old soul that is wicked smart and witty to boot. How do you keep up with that? Easy, she’ll hold your hand through it and make you feel super cool as well because kind and humble may as well be her middle and last name. She will probably read this and shake her head, but Megan, anyone who knows you is nodding in agreement. Megan, we are your number one fans and exponentially cooler for just knowing you.

Five sentences to share any bit of your story you’d like…ready go:

  1. I am blessed with many friends and they make me laugh every single day, but every year that passes I find I need some alone time each and every day.
  2. My favorite place to vacation is Mexico and I feel like I’m meant to live in Oaxaca, even though I haven’t been there [yet].
  3. Running Prescribe Nutrition is the best and scariest thing I’ve ever done, and meeting my business partners/the PN team forces me to believe in destiny.  
  4. I wish we could all start college at 30, and I may just have to go back.
  5. I won first place in a 3 hole summer golf tournament at age 9 and my score was 50…you do the math.

IMG_1528-e1464905120278-1024x1024Favorite meal – what is it and do you make it or buy it out?
Oh boy…I like food so this is tough. I have to list three because I can’t decide.

  • I like to make a really good kale caesar with a roast chicken [PN recipe!] If I can have great radishes with some grass-fed butter and sea salt sprinkled on as a little app, I’m in heaven.
  • Nothing compares to my dad’s tuna salad and burnt noodles…think I’ll plead the 5th on details on that meal.
  • If I’m out, nicoise salad + french fries and a glass of red at a French place is tough to beat.

What do you do to move yo’ body?
I like to change it up! There’s a few things I will always love, number one would be riding my road bike, but I get to do that less now that I have a dog and he needs lots of walking and jogging. I love yoga and pilates and feel my body not only responds to it, but needs it. Finally, along with Anna I recently committed to my first round of with Kayla Itsines app, “Sweat.” It kicks my butt. Like as in sometimes I want to faint.

What’s your beauty routine? Love a good beauty routine.
To say I’m a sucker for products would be an understatement. I like clean products, some I’m willing to splurge on, some I make my own. I’ll bullet out my routine:

What are you most excited about for the NEW PN?
Honestly, everything. It’s just going to be an entirely different experience. I think what will stand out the most is the community being able to share more of what’s going on in their world with the community. It will be so easy to show what you’re eating, meal plans, recipes, food pics – and then track your progress which really helps hold you accountable for long term success. We built the new Prescribe Nutrition platform to answer to the calls of our people, and we’re pretty jazzed to roll it out. It’s just the beginning too.

Rapid fire to finish it off…what are you currently:

  • Reading: Between the World and MeThe Surrender Experiment
  • Listening: Portuguese lessons on audible!
  • Watching: Catastrophe on A, GOT & Last Week Tonight
  • Smelling: Egyptian Musk, always and forever
  • Eating: Papaya…I spend too much money on Hawaiian Papaya, and I don’t care.