I’ll be the first to say that I LOVE the breadth of options we have when it comes to health and healing. It’s not only exciting, but simply stated it means – there’s something for everyone. I’ll also admit, there’s certain modalities I know very little about. Chinese herbs being one of them. I think Eastern Medicine is fascinating. It takes the word ancient to a whole new level. As long as I’ve been interested in holistic health & wellness, it’s the area that I’ve experienced incredible results, but also (full transparency, always), has never been something I’ve been consistent with.

Until now.

Meet our friends at D’AO Labs. I’m pretty sure they created these products just for me. Okay, obviously for you too. But really, these little packets have come to the rescue on multiple occasions these days. This cold season, I tackled the beginning symptoms (and knocked it out!) with their Immune Support (sure, I did get tackled by a cold another time, without my D’AO packet of course)… Then, I had a couple of weeks where my digestion was just off, only to remember about my Digestive Harmony and, seriously, my bloating and irregularity – zapped. Finally came my period, and while I don’t have horrible periods, they aren’t rainbows and daisies either – Women’s Formula + Emotional Balance – to the rescue.

Backed by an incredible team of experts, D’AO Labs has focused on bringing Chinese Medicine to our cups in a way that’s tasty and effective. We’re seeing a rise of so many products that are answering the to the call lately and it’s really exciting.

What’s more? D’AO labs is giving away a sample pack to you or one of your holistic loving friends! Comment on our Instagram and let us know what you do to stay healthy + tag a friend who would also love to create more balance and health with D’AO labs!

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