It’s roughly this time every year where I panic and think to myself, “Oooh I want to buy the most amazing yet  little gifts.  How many do I need? {counting on fingers..} Okay, about 32.”  Right.  Should be easy, and oh, affordable too.

holiday gifts

Then I realize 50% of everything I receive {and maybe even occasionally give} winds up re-gifted.  Why?  Because that candle sure is nice but it’s nicer for me to have on hand for a last minute gift.  You know what rarely gets re-gifted?  Good, delicious, “I don’t feel so guilty about eating this,” homemade food.  Real food.  I’m not talking about a box of chocolate or a bag of homemade fudge (though that is lovely and reminds me of fond memories of childhood).  I’m talking about getting your hands dirty in the kitchen and making  batches of something that you know your friends and family will feel good about putting into their bodies during the chocolate laden time of year.

First of all – it shows you care – you made it yourself and hey, that takes thought.  Second, it will go bad eventually, so it will get consumed.  Third, during the holidays everyone is crazy, why not just give someone their breakfast so they don’t even have to bother deciding.  That’s what I call friendship.  Finally, if you’re thinking to yourself “Listen bozo, I’m sticking with Christmas cookies because it’s how I roll,” then I say to you, challenge accepted.  We went ahead and updated some of the classics in our eHoliday cookbook.  Check it out and use code THEHOLIDAYS for $3 off.


Here are a list of some of my go-to, favorite gifts, as well as a few I plan to try out.

Homemade muesli:   fill up a mason jar or make clear baggies wrapped with rattan.  a home run.
Roasted chestnuts: {for anyone wondering, I love roasted chestnuts. just sayin’}
Spicy roasted pumpkin seeds: this proves there is life beyond Chex mix
Spiced preserved lemons: talk about a kitchen upgrade! such a nice gift to inspire some innovative cooking.
Dark chocolate almond butter with sea salt: shoulda been top of the list, I know. thanks Eat Life Whole – amazing.

Bag of whole  nuts with a nut cracker {I don’t know why but people really dig this and it makes you look like Martha}

holiday gifts3

Finally – adorable jars filled with your favorite smoothie.  Our sweet potato smoothie is a hit during this time of year:

  • 1/2 roasted sweet potato (overcook a little even!)
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • zest 1/2 meyer lemon
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • dash of nutmeg

Happy holidays!