Goji berries. Pretty little things aren’t they? These beautiful little berries have been used in Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years…that’s incredible in itself, right? They contain 19 amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids. They are packed with trace minerals, such as germanium (an anti-cancer trace mineral rarely found in food), and are rich in Vitamin A – that’s like health insurance for your eyes. What makes them even more nutrient dense? They have more protein than whole wheat. The level of antioxidants present in goji berries is enough to make a health nut’s head spin. Goji berries are the richest source of carotenoids of all known foods. You know what that means? They are one of your very best friends to fight aging, contribute to glowing skin, support healthy vision and pretty much just leave you feeling great. We talked a bunch about that here. Want some more reasons to squeeze them into your daily routine? Alright, here you go:

  • An anti-inflammatory agent (beta-sitosterol) in goji berries, can help lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease
  • They have more vitamin C than oranges
  • They have more iron than steak
  • Excellent source of B vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin
  • Because of their high protein levels, they promote muscle growth
  • Some studies suggest that goji berries may boost brain health by promoting calmness, happiness, better quality of sleep, and feelings of good health
  • Nutrients found in goji berries that have been shown to strengthen the immune system
  • Did i leave the best for last? Obviously. In Asia, goji berries are known as a strong sexual tonic. They’re known to stimulate libido in both men and women. Furthermore, they improve overall stamina. Oooh la la.

Best part? They are tart and sweet and delicious. Here’s some of our favorite recipes for using them: